The “Son”-Shine of my life!!!


Well with so many becoming a part of this place, you do deserve a special place Vivek. And why not!! You have given joy to everyone of us. I still want to believe you are that small two year old kiddo I brought with me from Mumbai. I still remember that dark night when both our world turned upside down, you were alone, crying for your Mom, and here I was holding you at loss to understand what to do. I decided then and there that I will take care of you though let me confess, I had no idea how to do so.

Last many years from the day you arrived in our family, have been of so many events and happenings. You, ofcourse, were the center, for most of them. Everything seems to be for you and around you. I had never seen grown ups behaving so childishly, lively and yes, sometimes even awkward. And your mom – what should I say about her. You were her most prized possession, more important than anybody, even much more important than my beloved Brother haha. I used to be really surprised by your unique connection with her. You were not able to speak anything, but she seemed to understand every little gesture of yours and every little thing you require.

Though I brought you with me under my care, I would always find myself

At midnight when he is asked to go to bed.

handling you awkward. I would always end up holding you from the wrong side. You were always more interested in sucking my fingers and nose, than playing with me. Though you would seem to enjoy when I made you jump in the air, but that fun would last for only few minutes and soon you started looking around, with searching eyes. I never used to get why you used to start crying inspite of the fact that I try to take utmost care while holding you. Now, this was not fair!!! I would sometimes make a cartoon of myself and work really hard to entertain you but guess what; it almost always ended up in a flop show. Your Grandmother used to say that I don’t play with you, instead I mess with you. But I didn’t, believe me! Perhaps, I am just so terrible at these things. Anyways, I never lost hope and see finally I made you fall in love with me.

You introduced me to the joy of being able to grow up again. I had completely forgotten the simple pleasures of life. Now, with you, it seems I have re-discovered them. I am not in any kind of hurry now. When I am with you, I like sitting idle, watching you, trying to understand your strange and sometimes silly expressions and talks. I still don’t know why you turn upside down and try to crawl with the help of your head. Its fun to watch, though!!! My heart comes to my mouth when you fall or feel pained.

Even when eyes closed you know he is naughty!

When you were two, nothing seemed to be impossible to you. You tried to grab the sun-rays, you tried to hold your own shadow and you never care for the fact that you have reached to the end of the bed. Gravity simply never mattered to you ever. I loved it when you would get so excited seeing a pigeon flutters its wings on our balcony railing. Never before, I had realized that watching pigeons can provide so much joy.

And I also liked to play along you, with your toys. Here is one little secret. Though I used to show everybody that I am playing with your toys to make you happy, but the fact is, I myself enjoyed them very much. I especially used to like that monkey with the long arms. Your grandmother would remark that she is having a tough time in handling two kids – you and me. I felt privileged to be put in your class Vivek!!! And then she would compare your certain mannerisms with me and say – “LIKE CHACHU, LIKE BHATIJA”. It would make me feel so warm!!!

I have one more thing to share with you Vivek. Before you, I was never ever a baby-friendly person. I was not a “Baby-hater” but I was also not a “Baby-lover”. I was reluctant to hold babies, never enjoyed their company and atleast never found them that “CUTE”, for sure. But with you, I have changed; and it feels lot better to be what I am at present than what I was in past. I am now not shy to accept that I am a baby person. Day by day, you are evolving into such a wonderful son of mine. It’s great to have lived some amazing moments of life with you. We have crossed six years together exclusively in each others company and I guess and am confident, we are comfortably poised to enjoy the rest of our journey together.





21 thoughts on “The “Son”-Shine of my life!!!

  1. wah naughtiness of a child and a grown up who becomes a child..

    he is really cute bhaskar

    and i say again like chachu like bhatija



    • Thanks, yes he is naughty. Too naughty I would say. =)) And I get to learn few tricks spending time with him. πŸ˜›


  2. He is OUR sunshine Bhaskar. Mark my words, he’ll do great in life. I am yet to see a kid of this age carrying such great level of intelligent humor!

    Lovely post and very touching. Shows how much you really love him. πŸ™‚


  3. He is SUCH A SWEETHEART Bhai..! REALY! πŸ˜€
    Soo cuute ,lil handsome boy…:) n YES HE doess seem naughty! πŸ˜€
    May GOD BLess him wd a long happpy life.Amen.

    And no words to describe MY Feelings after reading this…I am so touched by this…. all this shows How mchh you love him….!
    just all the blesssings for Both of U!:)
    just stay hapy always!
    and lots of luv for tht cuuteeeestt boy – Vivek! πŸ˜€


  4. This is the Best Post from you Bhai

    and I have to say Vivek & you both are kind of lucky to have each other in life. And i would always wish and pray that you always stay happy.

    I liked his last pic More … he does look like an Innocent Badmaash there ….=))

    God Bless


  5. I feel not to visit your Blog anymore… few last few occasion after reading your blog i am getting emotional..
    Everything is effecting from every corner your post showing love to not in india with my family missing them alot…. listening to song(Doorie from atif aslam)..
    All i can say to you is hai you are really a gr8 person.. want to give u a tight hug and tell that i am lucky to have you beside me when ever i need…
    Ufff Damn.. who tell guys dont cry…

    take care..


    • Thanks Bhaijaan and a hug to you too. You too have always been beside me.

      Wapas aa jaiyiye ab jaldi. We too are missing you here.


  6. cheers to that bhai!! Wish you & him all the happiness in the world, may he grow up to make you proud πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Natz thanks a lot. I really want him to be a great human being, just like his father rather than me. That is what would make me feel proud of him.


  7. A touching post indeed. May God bless you both with his blessings and may the bond of love you share with each other remains for eternity.

    Dekhne mein itna cute hai toh uski harkatein aur badmaashi’s dekheinge asal mein toh aur bhi cute lagega…:))

    Btw, his expressions are too cute :))…zara sa bada ho jaye…will go onto becum heartthrob of many…will give you a tough competition BB πŸ˜‰ Then Rati n Shilpa ko sambhalke rakhna ;))


    • Hahahahaha yes Saara when you actually see him doing the badmashis, it really looks cute. And as for rati and Shilpa, well… hmm… you mean to say he might go Amby’s way. Giving nazar on his Chachu’s heartthrobs just as Amby does on her Daddy’s and Mommy’s Arjun. =))=))


  8. He is a bundle of energy, fun ,mischief and intelligence….!!!!

    His antics – just too good !!! kaise chachu ko control karta hain…haha…
    bhai, bandar ko hello bolna.


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