…and I finally got “Drunk”

Walking down the street I was passing the Bar.

I stopped and decided to walk in.

It was empty except for three girls occupying a table.

I looked at them. But they seemed to be more absorbed in their own talks.

Total ignore, that’s what I face!!!

I walk straight up the bar, check my watch. Its 4:58pm.

“The Usual”, I ask the bartender. He nods at me with familiarity and hands me the glass with a smile.

In a single gulp I empty the glass and start walking out. No payment needed.The girls watch me with their eyes and mouth wide open!!!

I look at my watch again.


Yes I feel like a victorious conqueror!!!

5PM is always the right time to have your fifth glass of water.


Special note for my dear friends who I know must be jumping in joy – Sorry guys, This story is just a fiction and Bhaskar is yet to take the decision if he should “Taste” alcohol leave starting the same. πŸ˜‰




12 thoughts on “…and I finally got “Drunk”

  1. hahahahahahahah hahahahaha

    oh man where is the rofl emo here

    u got me there with the title

    hahahahaha maine socha u dont drink yeh talli kab se ho gaya

    too good


  2. Hahaha….from the title i thought u really did!!!! then i thought i must be hallucinating after all the tiredness…


  3. Hahahaha…LMAO…

    Reading the title i was like O_O Whats wrong with Pita ji…=))

    You’re a strong man…you don’t need this shupid drink to sort out any of your problems…:D


    • Don’t worry. Your pitaji is yet to taste the same. And Pitaji feels something that can never help me, infact cause harm, usko lene se no use.


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