………the Power of Love!!!

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An individuals worth in our life is only evident, when the person is not around. Most often times, we never realise how we feel about someone when he/she is around. The heart wrenching pain when you long to meet someone, share success or failures, share your biggest victory or your deepest remorse but you reach out and realize – You are alone!!

Success, Victory doesn’t seem the same anymore. It just becomes any other day

……………………….such is the power of love.

There are these moments when you know that your deepest defeat just needs a warm hug to heal. The hug makes you stand up again and fight the world. You look around. The hug is nowhere to be seen. You are no more the strong person you consider yourself to be. You become a lump of nerves

……………………….such is the power of love.

How can our strength and weakness be so relative? How can someone be so powerful in bringing out the best and worst in you, all at the same time?

……………………….such IS the power of love!!!!!

We talk about rising in love, not falling in love. We talk about love being our strength and not our weakness. But does all this hold water at the most crucial moment?

Remember having reacted in the most “This is not so me” way at some point in life? Remember having made a fool of yourself, and later drowned in self pity at some point. We all have, haven’t we?

…………………………given a chance I would love to preach that anything that doesn’t make you happy is not love but truth be told………

……………………….such is the power of Love!!!!!!!





14 thoughts on “………the Power of Love!!!

  1. Indeed! Well said..and actually it is alright to love like that, its nice to have such a person in life….and happy you too have one finally…! huggggg!
    I used to worry a lot about you…that you are alone….and what you do. Not anymore…!
    Now that me back home, hope to catch up with you more.


    • Arae wah you come back and land straight here to get in touch. Prateek updated me with all details. Sure we’ll catch up soon.


  2. Bhala Kaun Hai Vo Humein Bhi Bataao
    Ye Tasveer Uski Humein Bhi Dikhaao
    Ye Kisse Sabhi Ko Sunaate Nahin Hain
    Magar Doston Se Chhupaate Nahin Hai



  3. Sachche dost ho tum, dil karta hai zindagi de de tumhein
    Zindagi ki saari khushiya, daal de jholi mein tere
    Kitna bhi koi gehra gham kyu na de tujhein
    Utna hi meetha muskurane ki adat hai tumhein.

    Lovely Post man!



  4. Nice one…Bhai

    I read this in a Fwd Mail (Posting without your permission Bhai 🙂

    LOVE is when mom comes comes to son’sroom at night & say “ Beta, I LOVE you”

    LOVE is when son come back from work & papa says
    “Beta, late hone wale the to call kar dete ?

    LOVE is when bhabhi say, “oye Devar ji, Koi ladki wadki pasand aaya ke nahi ?

    LOVE is when brother tells to a sister , “Didi, aapki shadi ke baad mujhse jagda kon karega ?

    LOVE is when u are moodless & ur brother says, “chal kahin ghumne chalte hai ”

    LOVE is when my best friends call me & say, “tere bina dil nahi lagta “


  5. Hmmmm…looks like the power of love has left you all powerless !!!! hahaha… btw, knowing you i pretty much doubt if it is that ‘love’ you are referring to.. hehe.


  6. Read somewhere- The taste of water can be enjoyed only when we are thirsty!! Same way, The Love of a person will be known when we are ALONE. Sometimes we do miss the LOVE of parents, siblings, teachers, far away friends and so many people. As Bertrand Russell said, The good life is inspired by LOVE and guided by KNOWLEDGE.


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