…….it’s then “Amazing” – Rains!!!

Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai, Aaj Phir Marne Ka Irada Hai!!!

Rains, and with it the raindrops!! Yes the raindrops that fall rhythmically, each in anticipation of the next, creating a beautiful symphony. The droplets ever so small yet carrying the immense power to cool down a raging earth. The cold drops that could drench our very soul seemingly able to wash away all the pain!!!

Rain is something amazing. I don’t care if I’m inside or outside. I love the feeling of rain falling on my face. I love sitting inside, watching the rain trickle down my window, as I listen to my favorite music. I love the smell of the earth when it rains.

I so like the power of rain to prove me wrong. I dash into the rain in a fit of pique, hoping for absolution, denial, SOMETHING earth-shattering and life-altering. Instead, I get really wet, I blink my eyes, and all those different needs I thought to take from the rain become background noise. The rain takes control; as if commanding my attention. Soon there is nothing but the rain. I would sit down in the wet grass, no longer caring if the world is looking at me, or what they might be thinking; I just sit there in the rain, thunder and lightning creating the backdrop to the white noise in my skull – All around me!!

I so love the tiny pitter-pattering sounds that make everything seem so huge, so endless. Listening to those sounds, trying to find them while walking along a misty path is simply magical!!! Rain makes puddles, puddles make reflections and in turn illusions of parallel universes.

Yes rain also makes me smile!!! When I’m walking home after a bad day and it starts pouring, pouring endlessly, it makes me feel so comforting. And when the sky is dark; and there’s sun, the rain glitters against it, ahh!!! Nothing seems more beautiful then!!

Ah yes, RAIN washes the tears away. And I can cry and pretend that it’s raindrops.





7 thoughts on “…….it’s then “Amazing” – Rains!!!

  1. wish i could answer you on this.

    but excellent write up again..

    rains sahi aaye to theek
    jyadaa aaye to flood ki problem

    enjoy baarish now 🙂


  2. There is something romantic in the rain that i can not explain with words
    i guess this something that all of us- the rain lovers – got in our souls even though this writer is so unromantic in his real life. 😉


  3. Yayiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Rain …. May fav Topic …. what can i say apart from the Fact … I Love Rains …. and yaar barish mein nahii bheege tho life bekaar hai … I guess the max Fun we have during Rainy Season was during our school times. We knew its Raining but still we used to pretend to forget umbrella’s n Raincoats …. just to drain in Rain while getting back Home …. And that was Fun for Us ….. infact it still is for Me ….

    Aaj yaha Meghraaj ne Darshan nahii diye but am hoping that by the time i leave for Home it does …


  4. beautiful…
    rains i just luv. they always remind me of childhood. we would splash water deliberately while walking..
    it was sooooo fun…


  5. exactly my thoughts Bhaskar….I also feel the same…….per tumhare jaise words mai bayan karna ..simply impossible……


  6. Expressed beautifully, poetically!

    Rains remind me of my days in Bonga. We would go out in the rice fields and play in rains. none to stop us, it was fun. I so miss those childhood days of fun in rains.


  7. Aaaaaaaa…..

    Now this is something I like too….. its too much fun getting wet in the rain (at times have got beaten by those deadly hails !!!) and then waiting eagerly for the rainbow to come up !!!!!


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