15th Aug, Do Spare a thought…..he is our soldier!!

Today on this day my thoughts go to the numerous officers and soldiers who have laid down their lives for us/nation and those who are still working hard just to see our safety. Do people think twice before they sit down for a meal together as a family that somewhere in the remote villages is a little girl, who will never see her father again? Do they pause and think of the boy, who adorns a medal at the school Sports Day, whose eyes scan the spectators for the only face he wants to see but knows that face is maybe watching out for the nation’s safety?

We will only be able to feel for all these people if we open the window to our soul and look deep inside. And then ask ourselves, do we really want to be pushed up against the wall and come face-to-face with any of these situations?

Everybody in this world has his or her share of troubles. The people in their daily routine may or may not remember the hardships our soldiers go through, be it army navy or air force. Credit is not what these men crave for. They have voluntarily and knowingly plunged into this life. Praise is not what they need. What they thirst for is feeling and knowing that the people they are ready to die for, are behind them. Let’s not take their dedication for granted. Let us spare some thought to these brave men in uniform!!!

We stay up for 16 hours, He stays up for days on end!!!

We call up our office to say that we are not well and won’t be coming to work, Even the thought of getting shot does not stop him from moving forward to complete his assignments!!!

We drive on the hilly roads enjoying the scenery, He dominates the countryside even in the darkness just to keep us safe!!!

We talk about climate change sitting in an AC room, He wears his heavy gear in that hot climate!!!

We go out to lunch in a restaurant, He survives in jungles on whatever he gets!!!

We take our better half for shopping, He holds her letter to feel her presence!!!

We teach our baby to walk, He sees his baby growing in pictures!!!

We talk of collateral damage, He ensures we are evacuated first even though he may be injured!!!

We sleep at home in peace, He is on guard at the borders to ensure our peace!!!

We crawl into soft bed comfortably every night, His assignments usually start when darkness falls!!!

We remember him and God during war, Post war he is forgotten….

Spare a thought he is Our Soldier, Our Savior, Our insurance to enjoy “Freedom”!!!

Happy Independence Day to all Indians!!!!





15 thoughts on “15th Aug, Do Spare a thought…..he is our soldier!!

  1. So true, So touching and beautifully writen.

    Happy independence day to all and yes let us all do give some thought to these soldiers. They deserve our love and respect much more than our cricketers.


    • Well said. Our cricketers turn bigger heroes than these soldiers. Its time we change our attitude!!!


  2. Really Nice one…
    Hope every one Understands the word freedom.. Be happy by what you have instead telling what India gave us, all poverty, govt should do this that etc etc…


    • People understand freedom but somehow are forgetting the ones who are making sure to we have this freedom.


    • Thanks God Al its only Salaam and not “Lal Salaam”. =)) Thats what we get to hear more in bengal these days. 😉


  3. This is very touching! Happy Independence Day everyone! Wish I was in India participating in the festivities.


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