She does not deserve that treatment!!!

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Everyone can’t agree more to the fact that our parents help us, love us, and care for us, so why do few treat them horrifyingly? We may be mad at them, but deep down they will always love us and care for us. So why can’t we as well do the same!!!

Someone known to me is in the hospital and I had gone there to pay her a visit. And there I saw another old lady admitted and the medical staff bit agitated. On asking I get to know that she was the mother of a prof and after leaving his 88yr old mother in the hospital, they hardly thought the need to look at her needs. And the night earlier this family forgot to send her dinner, while breakfast could not be delivered as “They were bit busy”!!! The old lady was distressed and was going on calling God, asking him to relieve her of the misery. On way to the hospital I had taken some fruits which I decided to hand over to the medical staff and asked them to give her.

The whole thing disturbed me a lot. How can a son behave in such a manner towards his own mother!! And maybe this happens with many across the world.

Do they even realize what their mothers have done for them??? You sacrifice one small thing for them and they’ll sacrifice another million for you. That in itself is more the reason for us to treat them with more respect, appreciation and love. When we had been ill they had taken care of us, must have gone through sleepless night for us, so why not appreciate this fact and give them more than what they deserve from us!!!!

Frankly speaking, most of the time they don’t even ask or expect too much from us. Just maybe little bit of communication, love and care in this old age. You don’t have to say “Salutations, paternal and maternal units,” and even though this may make them laugh, deep down they just yearn for an “I love you” from you.

Realize this fact – Parents are NOT ignorant of how we feel or our needs, whatever is the age. Hence, Adult or Child, one needs to know how to treat them. And if you don’t want to do it for their sake, do it for yourself. I strongly believe one thing – If you don’t learn now how to treat your parents as they deserve, you’ll spend sometime of your life regretting your selfishness and ignorance. But by then it could be too late.

And yes, Hats off to this Mr. God and his ironical actions. Here’s likes of us who went on crying not to take our mother’s, but all that fell on deaf ears. And there’s the lady who is herself calling you to relieve her of this misery, both mental and physical, but again you play deaf. There are too many questions you’ll have to reply the day we meet Mr. God!!!





9 thoughts on “She does not deserve that treatment!!!

  1. My first visit here. I know the prof too well as I was in his very dept. He was always an extremely selfish character.

    Friends remember your kids are watching you and imbibing lessons from your actions. Remember life does not end here. There’s another court where tomorrow you’ll need to speak for your actions. Think what would you give in your defence!


  2. I don’t want to comment on the guy. You all need to just watch his attitude when he visits his mother! 😦

    What you are doing now Bhaskar makes me feel so proud to be your friend.


  3. As Always Agreed….

    It reminds me of a story which i read long back. Father around 60’s and his young son sitting on a bench.. father keeps on asking the same question again and again.. and Son gets irritated and yells tha why are you asking same question again and agai.. father goes and gets a big in tat its written my Son asked 30 times what is that pointing towards a parrot and i replied every time Happily..

    Kuch bhi bolo bhai there is no excuse for not respecting/caring parents…

    the person who cant respect parents should not at all be respected by any one !!!


  4. that is a very shameful act
    u dont do that with your mothers
    and what lesson will he be imparting as a teacher…………..


  5. No one, adult or child, has a right to disrespect their parents and no normal person would do tht. Is he suffering from a mental illness ?


  6. Its sad Bhaskar ……per yeh reality hai ……ek baar mai ‘Old Age Home; gayi thi….udhar ka drushya dekh ke to meri halat kharab ho gayi…….sab ki yehi kahani thi……..


  7. Bhai

    Uss Uncle ke liye >>>> Dilli ab dur nahii…..

    I feel extremely bad when ppl behave like this with thier parents. How can someone be so heartless towards the ppl who have done so muh for you. They might have not given you the best but they might always tried to protect you from the worst.

    I know … I often get very angry on my parents for small issue’s and i fight with them too but end of the day …. pata bhi leti hun as its very difficult for me to survive without them …. I might be selfish here but I seriously cannot live without them(Mom, Day and my Tiny Mony Bro). And already told my Mom …. the day i forget them or behave so harshly with them she has full authority to Slap me and wake me up from the Sleep ….hehehehehe

    And lasty …..PROUD of You Bhai


  8. He will also realize it one day, when his own children will treat him that way, but it will be too late by then. How can a person be so third class? doesn’t he get ashamed of himself ????


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