You are still missed Princi…

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It’s 8th December today, day when I lost one of my bestest friend – Princi. Last year on this day, none of us had any inkling to what she was going through. But this year, I can’t forget her on this day!!!

Today when I see the value/price that is put on friendship, I get reminded of her more. She believed in just giving, never thought of getting anything in return. Today when the word friendship has turned more into a joke, Princi stands as the brilliant example of how selfless a friend can be.

I was going through the chats I had had with her. And I saw how much you believed in my friendship, always wrapping me up in morale boosting talks, advising me what I should do but never imposing upon me. I saw how you had pulled me out of desolation in your unique ways, how you made sure to crack me up when I was getting frustrated. There can never be another friend like you Princi!!! And I really wish you were here today!!!!!

This post is more about friends,
A bond which can have no end,
From troubles and problems
to, helping with life problems,

Many of the situations which comes with friendships are hard,
With hardships with love, hardships with friends
These times will never end.

But when true friendship comes to give,
The reason for living becomes clear to live
Friends are always there to help you,
Always there to stay
When you are sad and glum
They will always be there to make your day,
This poem is never ending,
However it’s seeming to end.
I’d like to dedicate this post to Princess
A friend who I terribly miss
And will always cherish as my best friend.

I hope you are happy where ever you now Princi!!!!





8 thoughts on “You are still missed Princi…

  1. Princi, I am sure the brightest star that we see in the sky is you…… miss u and will cherish you always…. BTW, your email ID is still live in my address book….

    May you rest in peace and what else? Miss you loads…

    @ Thanks Bhai…..!


  2. Interacted with Princi sometimes in IF. She was so nice to us. Its somehow very unusual to write about an active person who is no more..However people may not be there but memories will be there to cherish. Hope she has peace.
    Prasanna Rayaprolu


  3. many are not aware of tht even I was at IF
    though silent
    and I remember taking her help once
    when a thread in bolly section
    had turned nasty
    we interacted few times
    later few times I used to see her pulling thakurs leg
    on the forum
    she was so full of life
    and its hard to imagine her leaving.

    May her soul rest in peace…


  4. Though never interacted with you personally but i’ve always heard abt you from others and its always been good

    May your soul rest in peace

    thanks for the post Bhaskar Bhai


  5. I never interacted with her but i still remember your topic (RIP princi) on IF
    It was very touching topic..
    May her soul rest in peace


  6. may her soul rest in peace!
    she must be spl…and that is evident from all you wrote about her till date
    just think about her
    and you’ll see she is near you
    cause such friends neva leave you even if they leave the world


  7. Wherever you are Princi, all I can say is – We miss you and we will miss you.. You will always remain in our memories and heart forever!!


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