Mother’s are the best and you never stop missing her.

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Today 14th December is my mother’s birthday and I would not hide, I miss her!!! Sometimes I feel I could go back in past and change things. It is hard without her!!!

Today I get reminded about so many things about her. Her voice, her laughter, that special spark she had with people, her happiness, her love, her favorite color, how she would hug me, and so many things. At times I used to be scared when little and went to my parents room to sleep on a small mattress on the floor and morning I would find her sleeping beside me. Or when she would go to the kitchen and have me there playing around with her.

She was an amazing, loving woman, and my whole life revolved around her. I had spent more time with her than I had with my father. Even though I cared for her, it was her that gave me unconditional love and support like no one else and at times I really feel lost without her.

I miss her laughter and her smiles. Her shoulder to cry on and her stories. I miss the wonderful food she made and how she could tell me that everything was going to be OK with her hand on my head and I’d believe her, I knew it would!!! I miss that sense of security and safety I had just knowing that she was there. Its bizarre but there used to be a sense of security just knowing she was there!!

While it’s hard, I have to admit this taught me something in life. Life here is not eternal, and anyone can go anytime.

Besides, I now have some really awesome people in my life, who have made sure to stand beside me. Its they I am eternally grateful to for helping me get the strength to endure the anguish.

But well, I know she must be there somewhere around. I never fail to look at the sky every night because I know she is there among the stars!!!





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  1. Happy Birthday to Auntiji. May she be happy and in peace and may she always find her dearest son Bhaskar – happy, healthy and strong !!! …. because in the end thats what is going to make her the happiest. She may not be there in person but she has made sure you have guardian angels to guide you in life….


  2. bhaskar i just dont know what to say. mothers are the best. they go through a lot for their kids. but like adi said she may not be there in person but she made sure you have guardian angels to guide u in life.

    somewhere i m sure she wud be watching u.

    loss of words actually bhaskar


  3. Bhaskar,
    I understand how hard it is to act normal without our people when we really, actually miss those dear people in our life. The emotions you are undergoing are not something which are to be discussed or debated … But as you said in your other posts “God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle”. God wants you to make a stronger person and much more good human…Do all the things which your Mom actually wanted you to do…Make her happy…
    My wishes to Aunty ji who is defintely watching her dear son who is a kind person and who leaves no stone unturned in helping in his fellow beings:). This is definetly a reflection of her upbringing 🙂


  4. Bhaskar as Adi says, she left knowing you are in good hands.I feel proud to be your friend, you yourself give us so much strength.

    Stay happy.That is what would amke Auntiji also happy.

    I can see positive vibes coming from you and I would thank your guardian angels for this.You are really lucky, man!


  5. BB a beautiful way of expressing love for ur mother. May her soul rest in peace. Ameen.

    BB i am sure she is watching over you and her prayers will always be with you.

    Your Mother Is Always With You

    Your mother is always with you…

    She’s the whisper of the leaves
    as you walk down the street.

    She’s the smell of bleach in
    your freshly laundered socks.

    She’s the cool hand on your
    brow when you’re not well.

    Your mother lives inside
    your laughter. She’s crystallized
    in every tear drop…

    She’s the place you came from,
    your first home.. She’s the map you
    follow with every step that you take.

    She’s your first love and your first heart
    break….and nothing on earth can separate you.

    Not time, Not space…
    Not even death….
    will ever separate you
    from your mother….

    You carry her inside of you….

    – Sherry Martin


  6. I supprt Adi Bhai’s thoughts …..
    After wishing Aunty a Happy Birthday, I would like to say a Thank You to her for giving us You Bhaiyya
    And am sure today whereever she is she would b really happy and proud of you. Mothers truely are very important in each one’s life but we dont realise that importance when she’s with Us


  7. Happy birthday to Auntyji.. Yes, no one can replace the role of a mother in one’s life.. But I am sure, wherever she is, she is proud of you and also taking care of you in some form or the other..


  8. BT she is watching you for sure or why do you think you have your angels besides you.She made sure to keep them.

    May her soul rest in peace.


  9. Awww.. Bhaskar I hope Arun says these same words about me one day.. My birthday wishes to Aunty.. I know no one can replace her.. I am one of those Mama’s girls and I know how it is to love and be loved by mother who is the best in this whole world..

    My love and thoughts are with you..


  10. A mother and her love for her child can never be replaced.
    I am sure she is watching over you from up there.


  11. Happy birthday to Auntyji..I really have no words to say….I am touched beyond words by what u hv written…..There is simply no substitute in the world for mothers and one can never stop thinking abt them.

    My prayers and best wishes are with u always:)


  12. She did a terrific job raising you, Bhaskar! Where ever she is, she must be so proud of you!

    Belated Happy Birthday to your mom 🙂

    Gauri di


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