Ups and Down of Life

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Life is like a dream, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad.

What on earth made us think things would be easy? Nothing is, and it never will be. Perfection is pointless and the pursuit of happiness is only achieveable through realising life is unfair, but to make do with small pleasures.

People talk about God, but who is He? Does he plan our lives or make it up as he goes along? I was told yesterday that reasons and explanations are only required by those who do not appreciate what they have, and spend their lives searching for what they haven’t. Very true!!!!

Everyone understands, but everyone also refuses to learn from those around them. Relationships are worth it if highs make up for any lows. All people go through lows at some stage, maybe in different circumstances. Lets not criticise others for not understanding, but thank them for pretending not to.

There’s a saying – Sometimes you got to run away just so you can see who will run after you. Sometimes you got to talk quieter just to see who’s listening. Sometimes you got to step up in fight to see who will stand by your side. Sometimes you got to let go of the one you love just to see if they love you enough to come back.

It is these times that finally show you who your real friends are. This is the time which is trying time but this also let you know your trusted ones.





12 thoughts on “Ups and Down of Life

  1. Nice post bhai… very introspective.

    I know ther eis the saying about friends,…but actually speaking,you don’t need to run away to see who your real friends are nor do you have to go quiet to feel them listen to you…nor do u have to step up in fight to see them stand by you…. those who really care for you- they will simply make their presence felt in your life at the time of need without even letting you know they are there…. such is the strength of real bonding !!!

    As far as ups and downs of life… they will come and go… we just have to move along with it..


  2. I would rather say, forget who left.If they feel they made mistake, they’ll come back.If not, thats their problem and loss.Lets move along with those with us and stay happy.Take life per day and don’t look at future or past much when it comes to lost relations.


  3. Lovely post. Its when we are sailing through troubled waters that we realize who our genuine friends are.


  4. Beautifully written BB, and true.

    Life comes with its ups and downs and in only in trying times do u get to know who stays by ur side and supports you and who u can trust.


  5. i agree Bhaiyya

    Its during the difficult times that we get to know who care for us and who dont.


  6. “Sometimes you got to let go of the one you love just to see if they love you enough to come back.”


    This always works – hai na 🙂


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