Mathematics Behind Dwadash Jyotirlings

When you look nature closely you realise Nature is more of an animated mathematical constructs. And when you start understanding and pondering on it, it leads to a new beauty and astonishment. It leads to a greater understanding of my place in the scheme of things in this creation! It’s hard to wrap your head around that animals, flowers, trees, mountains and galaxies and universe; even our bodies are nothing more than self-replicating fractals of an interactive biological software program. Yes that is how it is!!

Bee hive has a geometric pattern, migrating birds travel in perfect formation just as schools of fish do in the ocean. Most of all these blueprints are based on the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci spiral in this creation. The Golden ratio and the Fibonacci spiral Fibonacci_Spiraloccur everywhere in nature: in the spirals of DNA and in the dimensions of the earth and moon and planets. (Click Here to know about Fibonacci Numbers – LINK)  No matter where we look we see fractal geometry. An interesting example of fractal geometry is the human finger. A finger has three joints and is a fractal of our arm which also has three joints; and so it goes, big or small, repetitive fractal patterning is the same. Personally I feel nothing is random in nature, and nothing happens by chance.

The trees and shrubs look random but they are not. Each tree according to its kind has sequences of leaves and branches based on the Fibonacci sequence. The fact that our bodies, and that of animals, birds, fish, insects, micro-organisms, plants and trees are all shaped by specific  mathematical formula shows that they have been specially created, each species having its own  proportions based on the Golden ration and the Fibonacci sequence.

Fibonacci Nature

And then while going through the map of India with all the 12 Jyotirlingas marked, I found even that is following a geometric shape. It also is following a Fibonacci spiral or the Golden Spiral. Dwadash Jyotirlingas are places where Lord Shiva appeared as Column of Light. They radiate energy all around. How did they get placed in such a manner? Does this placing have any bearing on the energy they spread all around? Is there any specific reason or significance behind such a geometric placement of the Jyotirlingas? I have no idea…!! But the geometry behind this is really astonishing!! 






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  1. Good that you documented. I had shared the rough sketch you msged on Twitter. This image is a better one, properly marked.

    Amazing deduction. Carry on the good work. Waiting to know more all that you learned n learning.


  2. Amazing!!!!! Really astonishing!! Thanks for sharing these heritage information with the world.


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