Happy Mothers Day!!!


She never sings at a concert to rock the peoples’ worlds
But she puts souls at ease with each tune that she sings!
She might not have gone to school to be a chef
But her cooking can be like a five star restaurant!
She never goes to school to become a banker
But she always knows how to handle family finances to the best! Continue reading


Panahon ki Tarah

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Har Taraf Zeest Ki Raahon Mein Kadee Dhoop Hai,
Bas Teri Yaad Ke Saaye Hain Panahon Ki Tarah.

Just when you think you’ve had quite enough,
That you can’t go on cause life’s kind rough.
When your heart gets filled full of gloom,
And you get that sense of utter doom.
If you cant find your way, or plain get lost,
You can count on mothers at any cost.
They might leave us yet they are always there,
To share in our sadness and our fears.




Jokhon porbe na mor payer chinho ei bate….

Don’t go by the title and think my post is something in bengali. It’s related to my favorite poet – Gurudev. Its 249th blog post and before hitting the 250 mark, thought of dedicating this one to this great human being.

I was reading one of his poem, translated from the Bengali song “jokhun porbe na moor…” today. Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, especially this one, always leave me thinking how he could speak about death in such a bitter sweet manner!!! Just like a nostalgia after death!!! We remember the one’s we loose, feel their presence, and Gurudev expresses them so beautifully. The poem represents the real life’s story in this world and the next.

After going through some trying days last few months and seeing death from very close quarters, I see these lines today with a much clear mind. Gurudev has talked about death in many of his poems and he has uttered death in such a profound and subtle acceptance. That’s how it should be!!! I have realised life is never safe for anyone. And tomorrow if I too am not there, these words of Gurudev are just what even I would say to all my near and dear ones!!!

And here’s the poem and also the Bengali song for you all.

When my footprints fall no more on this marketplace
When I stop ferrying my boat at this ghat (ferry stop)

When I will have stopped trading my goods
When I will have balanced my books
When comings and goings have stopped at this marketplace
Please do not remember me.
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.

When dust fall on the strings of my tanpura
Thorny vines creep up the walls
Mould appears on the sides of the lake
Please do not remember me
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.

Then the sound of the flute will be as it is today
The days will pass by as they do today
At the ghat, the ferries will run
Cows will graze, cowherds will play in the meadows
Please do not remember me
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.

Who says that in that morn, that I am not?
In every game, the same I will be there,
With a new name you will call upon me,
With new arms I will be embraced
The same eternal I, will be coming and going.
Please do not remember me
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.




Broken but not withered – “They are my own”

Life should be Like a tree that stood it's ground through adversities!!!!

I am old and in complete disarray,
Yet I stand tall with faults that become me
My branches, some detached and some hanging on to dear life,
The morning breeze comes by to tease me.
Birds perch on my wings that hold strong
Squirrels mock me as I try to hold my ground.
The sun, the moon and the stars give me hope,
As I see some of mine are trying to come alive
The rest stay detached and forlorn.
But I hold on to them as “They are my own“.




Solitude Time….

All of us need a little bit of Solitude
When no one can, into our time, intrude.
It’s the time we can focus our attention
Perhaps, on total internal reflection!

Evening just before night, my solitude time
To reflect on the past, plan for the future of mine.
To think thoughts I dare not speak aloud
Fear, who knows they might produce dark clouds!

Silence unbroken by useless words or noise.
Daylight dimming bringing in night, its time to pause.
Those hours and minutes I so very cherish,
Without them I would most certainly perish.

Not a soul to interrupt my silent thoughts.
Alone, a solitary place, no I am not distraught.
I am thankful, full of gratitude
For this gift of MY time of solitude!

P:S: This picture of mine, yes that’s me sitting 😛 , was taken by Prateek. Thanks for the classic shot!!




Leaves of Memories

This picture was taken today when I was on my way to Rural Dev Centre at IIT Kharagpur. This is the road that takes you to the dept.

Click on the picture to see the enlarged view.

The grimy twilight fades into dusk,
And I see them wither and fall,
Those drifting leaves of memories,
And I struggle to gather them all.


O Mother, come down to Earth now!!!

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O Mother,
There’s so much sorrow, everything lie in ruins,
Is this a curse or atonement of our sins?
Injustice prevails over truth today,
Violence everywhere and everything in decay!

O Mother,
The holy land of ours today is somewhere lost.
Where are the warriors, where’s the Lord?
Why did we have to face such a day?
Human beings turning into animals today!

O Mother,
Come down to earth and bring this injustice to end,
Don’t you have a shield in your powerful hand?
Put an end to this mutual hatred and violence,
For all in this world who are helpless!

O Mother,
Please help us and get rid of this pain,
At your feet today we come without vain,
Lot of hopes and prayers from out heart flows,
That you will hear and release us of all sorrows!




Mother – The Essence and Beauty of Life

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A mother’s love can’t be made or shaped,
Kept in a showcase for us to look at forever,
Between mother and child the love is grown,
With care for memories to happily flower.

In a mother’s arms this daunting world fades,
For she feeds her child tender strength,
The feeling you get with her hand on our head,
The roots of courage that takes a child to any length.

A mother’s love knows no restrain or limit,
Like vines it supports through the roughest storms,
Her devotion to her child no one can delete
And during the darkest time her embrace is warm.

A mother’s heart proudly drums her child’s name,
In those gentle eyes she cradles understanding,
The toughest behavior with careful words she tames,
And her concern never ignores or become demanding.

No store can sell or produce a mother’s love,
No child can ever forget the touch of her heart,
She is a gift irreplaceable, a work of art by God,
She is the essence of love and the beauty of life.




You will always live in my heart

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With suddenly lot happening on personal front, I forgot the place completely. Really sorry!!! Today morning one of my friends Meenaji reminded me about the place and asked why I am missing. So here I am.

On my end, well at this moment won’t say I am in the “Happy Singh” mood. Have some urgent task to get over with which is eating up every possible cell matter of the brain. Also ended in fighting with someone, something I shouldn’t have because end result is – I feel down. Hahaha. That needs to be rectified soon and by day end will make sure to get it done.

With all this happening my mind has gone back to the memories of one person – My mother!!! At such times when I feel down and hit the bottom, its she who comes to my mind most. So thought of writing few lines for her today.

When a child takes birth the only thing he knows is how to cry,
I too was born crying but she taught me how to smile.

Whenever I looked, her face was always so bright,
I discovered that she is the source of my light.

She always smiled at me, I don’t remember her frown,
She always cheered me up whenever I felt down.

She asked me to be brave and to always live with a pride,
With her I never felt fear since she was always by my side.

Even before my asking, she saw to all my need,
I was like an open book for her, she could easily read.

For my happiness she sacrificed everything that she could,
She raised me quite well from a child to man and for what I stood.

Her kindness, caring and love was a never ending show,
For what reasons did she go to such length, I don’t know.

For this, I feel writing this poem for her is like a sin,
Because she was too holy to be described by my pen.

My dear Maasa, you were my candle in the darkness,
You were the merciful heart when people turned heartless.

You are much more precious than this poem has told,
And my love for you is more than this world can hold.

You live in my heart and will always stay on that special seat,
I will always and forever love you as long as my heart beats.

One day all of us leave this earth and today we both are apart,
But I want you to know one thing for sure; … You will always live in my heart!!!




Its Finally Up to You

I am going to share something which really touched me today.

This is what I read today morning in a magazine. Its really a good one. Thanks Lakshmi for bringing them to my notice.

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I gave you life, but I cannot live it for you
I can teach you things, but I cannot make you learn
I can take you to church, but I cannot make you believe
I can teach you to be a friend, but I cannot make you one
I can tell you about habits, but I cannot say NO for you
I can teach you about goals, but I cannot achieve it for you
I can warn you about sin, but I cannot make your morals
I can pray for you, but I cannot make you walk with God
I can tell you how to live, but it’s up to you to live it.


And also this poem by Ajit Peter. I just love the way words flow out in this one.


in a drop of tear a world to see,
in a drop of rain joy to be,
in a tick of a clock eternity,
in a single cell life to be,
in a touch of feather hearts be shy,
in a single word the spirits to fly,
in one friend a world to see,
in a wink of an eye love to be,
in a ray of sunshine warmth in heart,
in stars twinkle joy be got,
in a single flower love to tell,
in a smile to cast a spell.

A drop of joy,
a drop of tear,
a simple smile,
a simple wink,
a grain of sand.

Little in the world
Yet a lifetime of thoughts




A Deluge of Daydreams

A deluge of daydreams
burst from broken seams
of a courageous idealist,
drizzling memories; dream
compressing them
against my skin.

Dancing in their beauty;
twisting, twirling,wanting
to forget this vacancy
in my heart, carved
by acidic goodbyes.

Confidence streams across
my wandered mind in a
spectrum of colors; blooming
rainbows and smiling stars
sewn by threads of promise.

Words on the Blank Page

Blank Page of the diary
usually reflects the condition
of a writer’s mental psyche.
Thoughts are brought into existence,
and they reach for the pen.blank_page

Mesmerized by ink, as it flows with ease,
letters take their place
in the endless empty space,
with deliberate design.
Quickly, parchment is occupied by words.

A behemoth, skepticism, is unleashed.
Will the soliloquy be appreciated?
Or is it a mindless monologue,
a churlish catharsis of the soul?

Whatever the answers may be,
those words are owned by me.
A responsibility not taken lightly,
since oft quoted, “The pen is mightier than the sword.”




Mind drew a blank

I’m standing here completely drained,
I guess I have myself to thank,
I’m so far gone from this world,
I think my brain just drew a blank

My arm is just so tired,
From reaching out for something true,
I stand alone in this prison in my mind,
With no hope of seeing through.

Time continues to pass me by,
Just beyond these mental bars,
No one will ever know the pain,
Of my horrible mental scars.

I feel as if I’m 50 feet up,
Balancing on a high wire,
I spent my whole entire life,
Fighting for what I desire.

I am locked away for life,
I guess I have my mind to thank,
My brains running on empty,
And I think, It just drew a blank.

Happy Friendship Day!!!

Friendship is like a kite that raises in the blue sky. Up and at times down it goes. Loving, then fighting, then loving each other again. The string that holds the kite, is the connection between you all, my friends and myself. No matter how far away you are, you’ll still somehow stay connected through that string. So lets not break the string or try to cut other string with ours. Soaring kites bring you happiness this will never make you feel blue, just like true friends. They will be with you till the end. Let the kite soar up into the sky, like you let a friend go when you are mad. But never say good bye. And always remember to keep a hold on the string with caring hands, so that you can again pull them back in to shower your love.

Friendship is such a gorgeous thing it’s not easy for anyone to find it or explain. It’s becoming the air you breathe in, it’s becoming such a wheel of happiness and luxury. And I am happy to have you all as my friend beside me. I cherish the relation and pray this bond carry on ever.

Your friendship is a promise that paints my soul,
Your care I deeply treasure deep down where it belongs,
Your friendship sparks a smile that from the world I cannot hide,
Let our friendship soar high, me by your side being each others guide.

Your friendship is a gift that I will always keep,
Its a blessing in time that I’ll always seek,
Your friendship brings joy that makes my heart warm,
My cold days are gone for anew I got born.

Our friendship is a promise that will forever grow,
Days will pass and weeks come but our friendship will glow,
Our friendship is a shield that will shelter me from the snow,
This friendship I deeply treasure and its wise I tell you so.

I Thank God for giving me such good friends. 🙂




Battered-n-Bruised by Vegetables!!!!

If there’s something I can’t stand then its being served vegetables. Hahaha!!!! Yes friends, unless I am pushed to the wall, I try my level best to see I can avoid eating them. And this goes from my childhood. My mother was too sweet and made sure not to serve me, but I used to be forced to eat them courtesy my father. Morning was sitting idle and these thoughts about vegetables came to my mind and thought of penning down here.vegetables-main_Full

Clouted by sprouts,
And harassed by carrots!
Poked by the beans,
And screamed at by salads!

Poisoned by cabbage,
And pinched by the peas!
Tripped by the spinach,
And peppered with seeds!

Hair pulled by parsnip,
And bruised by tomato!
Glared at by swede,
And thumped by potato!

Battered by beetroot,
That pinch, punch and poke!
Slapped by the onions,
And Arti, who chokes!

I am now battered and bruised,
Again been served the same so guessing.
When I can have better things to eat,
Are they really worth consuming!