The Magical Lunar “Trifecta”…!


Personal eclipses come and go in our lives. A time, maybe brief, maybe longer, when we feel the light has gone and the darkness is all we perceive. Through spiritually, lunar eclipses are important in that they ask us to let go of the old, the negative, and the stale in our lives and embrace the new, the positive and the fresh state of mind.

31st January 2018 we had rare astronomical phenomena. It’s a rare celestial phenomenon as three Lunar events occur at the same time.


This is the second full moon in a month (hence called Blue Moon, it’s just a name not that moon turns blue) – which is rare and it’s a total lunar eclipse, which is considered to be rare as well.


This is also the third super moon in a row. Super Moon, the name was coined by an astrologer Richard Nolle (not any scientist) in the 1970s is a term that has come to mean a full moon that is at its closest position to Earth along its orbit.


Blue moons only happen every two to three years and this year 2018 we will have two and that only happens about every 100 years – again rare!



Add to that this Blue Super moon, the Moon will also have a reddish or coppery tinge hence the name “Super Blue Bloody Moon”. This is because even though the moon is in the shadow of the Earth, some light does reach it. Fine particles in the atmosphere scatter the blue component of the solar spectrum, and what reaches us is the longer wavelength red light.


As far as spiritual beliefs, a lunar eclipse sheds light on our true inner self and it being a super moon it had INTENSE gravitational pull. So it was a time to look within. It was a time for embracing the energy from this moon and allowing me to recreate myself. To be in a state where I am confident in who I want to become.


After this rare celestial phenomenon, I am sure our journey forward will be blessed with astounding beautiful energy.







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