The Offbeat Dal Lake tour


For most, Kashmir connotes violence, bombs and disturbance. But Kashmir is lot more. It’s a place that deserves the name Heaven on earth in true sense. Pristine serene nature, it’s like a fairy tale journey! Before visiting the state I had decided to not just visit the usual touristy places, I had made up my mind to visit the off-beat destinations too. And I was not disappointed. The pristine natural beauty, untouched by the evil effects of pollution, honks or population burst, the lesser known Kashmir portrays the real enigma of this heavenly charm on earth!!


And one such trip was to visit the backwaters of Dal Lake and see the waterborne rural life of Kashmiris there. 3667342858_c78ec99201_zIt’s the whole stretch between Dal Lak and Nagin Lake, which is crisscrossed by small water lanes which can easily be called as the Venice of India. After my usual shikara ride on Dal, I decided to take the backwater tour. There do exist some security concerns, so I took along with me my local Kashmiri friend with whom I was staying. With continuous disturbance for years they have now learned to live with it. They know how and when or where to go if trouble arise.

13964092178_d171c34a7d_zThe first thing that you realise escaping into the rural hinterland of the lake is the silence and peace. All movement is water borne and man-powered. No sound of honking or motors, only sound you get to hear is occasional birds chirping, kids playing or the oars splashing. The area is entirely connected by a network of small canals, and you will see lifestyle entirely different than the main Srinagar city; small communities, families going in small shikaras for shopping or social visits, kids off to school in boats, people selling things. And not to mention the lush greenery all around, bringing in tranquillity onto you.












12 thoughts on “The Offbeat Dal Lake tour

    1. It truly deserves the name Heaven on Earth. I have been to NE, its beautiful too. But Kashmir is way more beautiful than anywhere I have been to.


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