Nostalgic journey down Shimla lanes!

Shimla always evokes a special feeling. Though, Shimla town itself was not where we lived, but all our activities were connected to this British era winter capital. On my last visit to this town, popularly called as Queen of Hills, I decided to take a nostalgic journey to all the points, mainly food joints, which were our favourite ones. Shimla now has all the new joints like Sol, CCD, but the old ones they are still busy ones. We all old “Shimlaites” still swear by those shops. They used to be affordable, fitting perfectly our pockets.


When I was a toddler my Baba used to take me to Indian Coffee House whenever we would visit the town. While others would sit on those old chairs, I was made to sit on the table. And then Baba would let me drink coffee with a spoon.


Mehar Chand sweet shop, popularly called as Mehru’s in Lower Bazaar. This is one of the oldest sweet shops in India, established in 1902. This was our favourite spot to have chhole bhature and Jalebi with lassi.

Bihari lal

Fruit Chat by Bihari Lal Lahore Waale. Why the name, I never know. I remember on my first day to school my Baba bought me mixed fruit chaat from this stall which at that time was managed by Bihari Lal ji. I instantly fell in love with it and it became one of the regular features on the way back from school with Bhaisa. The Kachaloo and Chana chat were my favourite. It costed 10 paisa full plate and 5 paisa half plate then. Baboo the present owner has learnt well from his father and is churning as good chaats as his father used to.


Embassy, it used be THE IN Place in 80s and early 90s. The cold coffee, milk shakes, sweetcorn soup and burgers, these were available just here in those days. The younger kid of theirs, Pankaj, was my classmate. It was beyond our afford and only times we got a chance to have when Pankaj would throw his birthday party here.


Burgers and eclairs pastry are their popular ones but its their black forest pastry that has always been my favourite most. Later they introduced Momos that created big ripples and are off the shelves in moment.


Sita Ram & Sons, in Lakkar Bazaar. A visit to Shimla is never complete for me without trying the amazing Chhole Bhature & Chana Tikka at this small but popular eating joint. Sunil, the current 6th generation man running the shop, is always so charming with his smile and one liners!

Pakore waala

Ram ji Pakore Waala in Lower Bazaar. Me and my friends, we never got tired of his pakoras. And not to mention the deadly combo of chutnies he served with the pakoras.


Parkash General Store, one of the oldest establishments and they haven’t changed a bit. Who can forget those jars and jars full of candies, chocolates, churan golis and toffees and those sugar coated ajwain golis! This was a fantasy land for us.

Purid waala

Purdi Baba, I had purdis from his father too when I was kid. This is his spot since time immemorial. I remember Bhaisa paying 5 paisa in 80s, later it was 25 paisa. Now I saw it is Rs 5/-. The peanut purdis was always my most favourite.

YES, I do miss those days!!!





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