When the leaf falls, you know Maa is coming….


I was sitting on the banks of Ganga at Belur Math. Far off I could hear the bells and conch. Bringing back many memories of many such evenings spent here. I was just back from Israel posting. A company which followed no human work hours, a boss who knew only to talk about codes, no holidays even to come home and top of it family & friends who felt I was deliberately ignoring them; all this had taken a toll mentally. And in this, for the second time my IPR was stolen by a colleague with blessings from top! There was numbness, memories flashing in slow motion. Boats passing by, crossing the Ganges ferrying people to Dakhineshwar but my thoughts were somewhere else.

Was this what I was meant to do? Why was I doing, for material gains? Is this the price I have to pay for that? This is not how I planned or thought my life to be! What is stopping me from following my passions? What really should I do with my life?

Wind was blowing from t15345329205_c19c505c6d_c.jpghe Ganges. A leaf fell, yes autumn is here! I looked up beyond Belur Ghat on the other side and smiled. Yes Maa is coming soon. Suddenly the fervor was inside me. All in an instant it was clear what I had to do in life, I knew nothing can now hold me back! I knew time for renunciation had come, I knew then what path my life should take! Maa showed me the way!

Pray Maa bless us all and show us the right path. The right path to truth! Happy Navratri/Durga Puja to all. May this Durga Puja, Maa bless the whole world with peace and happiness. May she shower the world with loads of love and lessen the hatred.

न जाने मुद्रास्ते तदपि च न जाने विलपनं
परं जाने मातस्त्वदनुसरणं क्लेशहरणम्
I do not know how to contemplate on you; not even I know how to simply cry for you. However, one thing I know for certain; by following you, through remembrance however imperfectly, will take away all my Afflictions from my Mind.

कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता न भवति ॥
Son may be a Bad Son, a fallen disobedient son, turning away from Mother but Mother can never be ‘Kumata’, she never turns away from son forever!

जगन्मातर्मातस्तव चरणसेवा न रचिता …
O Mother, I have never Served Your Lotus Feet…

तथापि त्वं स्नेहं मयि निरुपमं यत्प्रकुरुषे
कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता न भवति ॥
Inspite of this you have given me Incomparable Love!

न मोक्षस्याकाङ्क्षा भवविभववाञ्छापि च न मे
I do not have the desire for Moksha; neither have I the desire for Worldly Fortune.


अतस्त्वां संयाचे जननि जननं यातु मम वै
I implore You, O Mother, May You direct my life.

मृडानी रुद्राणी शिव शिव भवानीति जपतः
Mridani Rudrani Shiva Shiva Bhavani, May my future life is spent in performing Japa of Your Holy Names.

क्षुधातृषार्ता जननीं स्मरन्ति 
(Because) When child is afflicted with Hunger and Thirst, naturally remember only his Mother.

न हि माता समुपेक्षते सुतम् ॥
Inspite of the son committing Mistakes after Mistakes, The Mother never abandons her son

मत्समः पातकी नास्ति पापघ्नी त्वत्समा न हि ।
O Mother, There is no one as fallen as me, and there is no one as Uplifting like You

एवं ज्ञात्वा महादेवि यथायोग्यं तथा कुरु ॥
Considering thus, O Mahadevi, Please do whatever is proper!






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