Rani ka Vav – The Unesco World Heritage Site

Ancient architectures have always fascinated me. In Gujarat I am getting to see some really great spellbinding architecture that is bound to leave anyone in awe. Rani ka Vav is among those which was built more than thousand years ago. Vav means stepwell and because it was built by Rani Udayamati in memory of her husband the Solanki ruler Bhimdev between 1022-1063 AD , it’s called Rani ki Vav. In reality, it is so beautiful I guess it would be equally appropriate to call it Vav ki Rani!

The step-well later got flooded and eventually remained buried under the earth for many hundred years! Believe it or not, it was excavated by Archaeological Survey of India only in the recent 1980’s! You will not believe your eyes (I did not, and you may feel free to blame me in case I underestimated your capability by an unwarranted extrapolation) to see how the carvings still looked so fresh, no way look to have been buried under earth and how on earth ASI has carried out such a marvellous work of excavation without damaging the structures!

The walls are full of unbelievable carvings of all Avatars, Buddha, Apsaras and what not! Unlike a pond a step-well used to be designed for easy concurrent access to water by the community in the water scarce areas of those days. Naturally, it became a space for social gathering especially of ladies whose task it was to carry water from faraway places. No wonder, religious sentiments soon got under way and thus were born such marvellous designs of step-wells by those kings and queens who had some philanthropic agenda and could afford the expenses.

It’s near Patan and only a couple of hours drive from Ahmedabad and not many know about it. If you have any interest in such ancient works of art you must not miss it. Perhaps you will feel sad while returning and would think of visiting again because the ambience including a sprawling lawn is so great. Hats off to ASI for maintaining it so nicely!

To avoid trying your patience any more, I am uploading few photographs of the Vav.









6 thoughts on “Rani ka Vav – The Unesco World Heritage Site

  1. This looks amazing!!!! The workmanship is simply beyond word. This is surely on my list now. Have to see it in person.


  2. Ashadharon! That word sounds so not suitable for such a gorgeous place. India has so many surprises. This is just one among thousands. GOI should promote such places more to get tourists especially the foreign ones.


  3. Wow!!!! Who would imagine such beautiful architecture for a well. Rani left behind her a treasure for all of us to enjoy. Divine!! Thanks for bringing it to our knowledge.


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