Happy birthday Didi.

Today is very special day. It’s the day for celebration of the birth of someone very dear to my life. No matter what, I have always cared

We have been through ups and downs and together walked the thick and thin. And for you I can say didi, you have gotten me through everything. You make me stronger and always have. You mean so much to me more than words can describe. More than I could ever hide!! I support you through and through and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

You are my sister. And you are number one, one in a million. And you are perfect. Perfect the way you are, and the best you can be is yourself.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently. If they do then they must be too blind to see what I see. You are unique and unstoppable, Incredible, A miracle. A gift from above, whom I treasure!

You’re the reason for my smile, for the feeling of belonging, to be able to get through the day and believe everything will be okay. You give me spirit and hope. No matter what happens you are very important to me.

I am so glad we met and you are in my life didi. Close to me, like a huge part of my life!!!!

Thank you for all you have done
Thank you for coming into my life
I can’t explain how happy you make me!!!!

This is a special day
Where in celebration
I remember you in every way
How much you mean to me.

I hope this friendship of ours
Is never washed away
And on this day
I think of how lucky I am

Your sweet words change me
Lift me up to new heights
A special place in my heart
On this special day

I will always remember you
And never wish to leave you
Always want to be beside you
A continuous factor of your life

Today I hope you are happy
As you should be
As you deserve to be
And you also deserve to be granted all your wishes

So today I hope all your wishes come true
I hope for you the best
And so much happiness
And everything you want

I am lucky to have you in my life
When we talk I don’t feel the knife
When our conversation looks up
And your words make me shine

You don’t deserve tears
Or weights to bare
No one does
So may God bless you
On this special day
Happy BirthDay my dearest Didi!!



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