To live like a Flower!

Do you find that people in the world around us have lost the true meaning of what it means to be beautiful? At times advertisements, television, movies and magazines leave us feeling that if we don’t wear a particular piece of clothing, jewelry, make-up or hair style that we are to be listed as unfit to walk about the “in” crowd of people on the Earth. These false views of beauty have people searching in all the wrong places what it means to be beautiful.

Take flowers for instance. They don’t go to the store to buy their colors, and appearance. It comes naturally and they don’t seek to alter how they look, or complain that need a different shade than what they are to do the job they were created to do. Even if some of the petals fall off their stems, they still feel beautifully gifted and sway in happiness. I don’t think in principle even bees are particular about which flower they will visit, because it is what the flower has “inside” (pollen) that attracts the bees. Even as they stand alone in the fields, without the aid of advertisement, television, etc., we enjoy their beauty and the bees and other insects enjoy the benefits also.

Individually, shouldn’t our value be based on what we are “made of” rather than what we look like? People are attracted to those who have fine qualities that help them see what they really have to offer. It is not the clothes they wear that are important, but it should be the fact that they are caring, respectful and kind to others. What they have inside them will determine the real beauty people see when they interact with them.

As I shuffled through these pictures,
In the warmth of the daylight hours,
And as I watched the yellows and blues and reds,
My heart and soul, with peace is fed.
The flowers don’t care that they are not the same,
They don’t care if we know them by their names,
They just do the job they are meant to do,
Even when they stand unprotected in the fields in which they grew.
You can pick them if you want, but they will last longer on their stems,
With no bank accounts, they are as rich as the value of Earth’s gems.
They share what they have liberally,
They stand together for all to see.
And when I was watching these pictures of flowers,
These words came to me and found strength in their power.
Like these flowers, we too have beauty within,
Let’s live like flowers, together our beauty would blend in.

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8 thoughts on “To live like a Flower!

  1. Briliant phorography man! and beautiful article. very true as per our current way of thinking. 🙂


  2. So explicitly expressed & the truth. We hardly value inner beauty & are running after the artificial one. Whole life turns fake.

    Nice pics of blossoms. Bright and lively.


  3. Beautiful pictures…..and lovely write up. Love the analogy…..though honestly, bees are shallow creatures, and never go to non descriptive flowers, always seeking out the pretty ones. Beauty might not be skin deep, but in the larger scheme of things, it does matter. Human eyes especially get pulled to all things beautiful, and when they don’t get it naturally, they try to create it artificially. It’s when they start going against the nature that things go awry.


    • I don’t think bees follow what you say. Its nectar they follow. And I do have pictures of bees who are taking nectar from flowers which don’t even have any petals. They do visit nondescriptiv flowers too.


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