Life takes a new turn.

As the warm water splashes over his head and face,
washing down all the colours of Holi,
he thinks of his close ones, who has been gone.
Some for many days, some recent.

They are still so close to his heart.

Water cascades down his body washing it clean,
tingling his senses as memories flash before him.

Those smile,
Those voices,
Those words…..

Salty tears ,
mix with lathered water.

Wakt ki aandhiyo ne kuch yu ujada zindagi ka baagbaa
Ab siwaye kuch khushq patto ke kuch bhi na raha!

When recalling a silly exchange he laughs,
And sadness subsides.
For a moment he is wrapped in their warmth,
and he is not alone.

The emotion-laden water rinses from his body,
water in different colours.
And trickles down the drain.
Then the water and tear stops.

As he dries himself, he feels invigorated,
and ready to face the world.
Without them,
Without anyone,
All alone.

On a new path,
New journey.
Life takes a new turn!!





7 thoughts on “Life takes a new turn.

  1. To be facing a new world…….without……beautifully & confidently said!



  2. There is a song that has touched me in many ways….”Let her go”…your poem reminds me of that. And also reminds me that for some, letting go is easier. For others, the ones who get left behind…well, it’s another story altogether.

    Go find your path in that new world you are ready to face. And if you need my hand, I am there.


    • Same, I too got reminded of the song as I went along reading the lines.

      That song always touches me deep inside, these few lines did the same Bhaskar. Whatever the new path, go ahead walk through. If that brings peace and happiness for you, step ahead keeping all doubts behind.


  3. Such a nice positive ending, I sincerely wish you that you may have new hope, new people, new love and New dreams in your life, Good luck Bhaskar !!


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