Nothing can erase mother-child eternal bond…

Sachimaata-MahaprabhuMorning read something and it left me very disturbed. I got too restless and even long walk did not help me. So I picked up a book by Iskcon on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s life. There were some nice incidents mentioned as short stories in the book. And suddenly in one page I came across this picture of Mahaprabhu and his mother Sachimata. It’s a picture showing Mahaprabhu meeting Sachimata for the first time after renouncing all worldly ties. He left home and took sanyaas, renouncing everything including his family. Scriptures say moment they came face to face, both embraced each other with tears in their eyes. And they stayed like this for hours while tears flowing down their eyes. What struck me so amazing is the fact that even someone like Mahaprabhu could not sideline the mother son bonding. This bond between a son and mother can never be shaken or broken. One who gives you life, one who is always protecting you, one who keeps you alive, how you can break free from that love!! Even Mahaprabhu, considered the avatar of the supreme God could not break himself free of this attachment. And this bond is so strong for a simple reason – she is forever holding on to you!

Each moment when we want to cry,
There’s someone who makes us laugh,
With her love fill our heart with sunshine
And sprinkles our life & soul with smiles!

That moment when we doubt ourselves,
Even our abilities and our worth,
That someone reminds of our strength,
And shows we have walked great length.

That moment when we realise,
No matter what life may bring,
Nothing can erase this eternal bond,
Between a mother and her child!





11 thoughts on “Nothing can erase mother-child eternal bond…

  1. Good one. Mothers are impossible to forget. God takes sanyas yet remember mother. Go thru Krishna life & you see how much even he loved his mother, both of them. Agree Ram’s love & respect for all his mothers. Its an amazing relation,


  2. Our Hindu philosophy is unique in the aspect that it holds the mother-child bond as unshakable. When I watched the ‘Ten Commandments’ movie I was astonished to note that Moses refused to acknowledge his own mother when he went back to preach to his community. At that time my mother pointed out that even the great gurus in our history were known to bow only before 2 entities – God and Mother. So Bhaskar, your mother is part of your consciousness, you neither need to seek her nor run away from her memories. By the way, you must change the ‘mother-son’ bonding expression to ‘mother-child’! Have you forgotten the bond we daughters have with our mothers?!


  3. Oops wish I could edit my previous post. You’ve said “mother-child” in many places. Sorry!


    • Its okay. I used mother son part in few places but that’s only with reference to Mahaprabhu & Sachimata. Article as such is more for the bond between mother and child.

      So you all already discussed it. I would love to discuss it with Aunty. 🙂 All the time I would read of renunciation. But when I saw this picture I was stuck that when it comes to mothers, you never break free. That bonding stays intact. As you refer Aunty, maybe more such examples then can be found in our spiritual history. Another question that comes to my mind, when this bond is so true, why then mother’s stop a child from taking this path of God? They should be assured of the child coming back to her with time.


  4. I would love to see you having a conversation with my mother on this subject Bhaskar 🙂 Drop in at Bangalore. I will prepare minutes of the conversation 🙂


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