Melody from Dev Bhumi Himachal.

Morning I saw a newsletter from Himvani, a site dedicated to Himachal Pradesh, telling about the next release of a Himachali Band “Laman”. This is their second release and they made it as beautiful and melodious as their previous track. (Track posted at the end).


Shishir Chauhan, Pankaj Badra and Abhishek Bisht. The Laman Band.

This band from Shimla is still new and their aim is to make fusion of Indian folks and semi-classical music. They have taken an initiative to explore and recreate our folk melodies from India, with the help of contemporary instruments so that today’s world could identify with this music. The two songs released as of now are both from Himachal folk music.

This particular song is a famous folk bhajan of Himachal; it’s an ode to Lord Shiva. It is a popular saying, and true too to some extent, that every peak, each mountain top has a temple of Shiva in Himachal. The song starts with the line “Shiv Kailasho ke waasi, Dhaulidharo ke raja, Shankar sankat harna!” Dhauladhar is the mountain range which passes through our state. And Lord Shiva is considered as the king of this mountain. Legendary home of Shiva is called as Kailash. And we have many kailash in our state, the Manimahesh Kailash in Chamba, Churdhar Kailash in Sirmaur, Shrikhand Kailash in Shimla and Kinner Kailash in Kinnaur. Hence the second line “Tere kailasho ka Anth na paya, Anth pe anth teri maya!”

I am sure changing houses must be very difficult even for Lord Shiva! 😉

The last part tells about Lord’s abode in Chamba, “Ek thha dera tera Chambe re Chaugana, Dujja layi ditta Bharmaura”. The base of Manimahesh Kailash is flat and called as Shiva’s Chaugan, meaning, Lords’ play-field in our language. Chaugan is the first abode of Lord in Chamba while the second abode is at Chaurasi temple at Bharmour. As the name suggests, “Chaurasi”, its 84 shrines in one place while in the center is the Manimahesh temple. Legend says Lord Shiva was on his way to Manimahesh Kailash with 84 siddhas with him. On way he decided to take rest at Brahmapura at Brahmani Devi’s garden, which falls within Bharmour dist itself.  Brahmani Devi got angry to see them trespassing without her permission. Lord Shiva calmed her down with his soothing talks and made her agree to his wishes. Later though Lord left for Manimahesh Kailash, the 84 siddhas decided to stay back after transforming themselves to “Lingas” as they loved the place.

Thanks to Laman group for bringing these folks to the new generation. This band consists of three main participants, Abhishek Bisht, the main singer, Shishir Chauhan and Pankaj Badra. All three together compose the music. The name Laman comes from the word Laaman a folk song form from Kullu which speaks of Love. All the best to this Himachali band, wishing you all success!!


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    They nailed it. May god bless them. Thanks Bhaskar for posting the references. 😀


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