Few random thoughts…..

Occasional solitude trip to the wild is something I always love going to. They give me time to contemplate upon and every such journey into my mind help me getting answers, also get more questions. To be alone, to be in solitude does not mean being lonely. It means to give mind the space, to not allow getting influenced or contaminated by ills of society. On leave from office I have been going out on such vacations. Let me share few random thoughts which I have been pondering a lot lately.

Silences in solitude are really not silence. Even if you feel nature is quiet, your mind with different thoughts is always chattering. Silence in normal circumstances doesn’t exist. It’s that moment when everything goes quiet, even your thought process.

Attachments are nice, make you feel loved. But they always bring along with them expectations. How so ever you may try, expectations are something you can never keep out of any relationship. And expectations are the root cause of unhappiness.

The voice of close ones constantly echo in the stillness of our hearts!!

And this particular lesson echoes a lot, it was Barnalidi who explained it long back – To find God, you need to love Him. And for that you need to learn and practice loving other human being. Blood relations we love as it’s a human nature to feel them to be our own. For any ordinary person God is also not one of their own bloods. Unless you practice loving not your blood as your own, you can never be able to love God either.

In solitude, the thought of a river, how it flows, drives the mind to some unknown destination. It brings in a peace warding off mind unrest.

All our lives we keep running to own and grow ‘assets’ that keep appreciating, but the irony is that ‘we’ are the biggest depreciating assets.

Lafz wahi par maayine badal gaye, Kirdaar wahi par afsane badal gaye,
Uljhi zindagi ko suljhaate suljhaate, Zindagi jeene ke bahaane badal gaye.





6 thoughts on “Few random thoughts…..

  1. To find God you have to love him….so true. And to love God you also have to know that he resides not any man made building or even out of it, but in a vacuum that you can make your won, where there is only peace. You can reach him in many ways, believe in many things, and take the path that gives you most satisfaction, but true path to God lies from listening to him within your heart, in your mind and always doing the right thing, without judging, without prejudices. That is where OM is. Always.


    • And to hear his voice and feel him “in true sense”, quietness and peace are needed. Sadly in this worldly life those are not easy to be blessed with. I am realising it more and more with each passing day. At times to get this realisation new road need to be taken.


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