Wish you all the best!

Sri-RK-andKali-largeAfter spending years in Bengal, meaning of Diwali was no more just lamps and lights. Another aspect, “Kali Puja” got added to it. And with time I found Kali puja more alluring than usual Diwali celebrations. Today after months when I am back to India, I find all wishes to celebrate Diwali is erased, instead I am celebrating Kali Puja.

The universal consciousness, Aadi Shakti, is beyond words and all descriptions. She is infinite, and in that infinity lays her glory. I wish to know her, to be near her. Not sure if that wish would ever get fulfilled. What I feel for her, or feel I know about her is more of a dedication to this Supreme Shakti.

You are Para Parikriti (Pure nature), the supreme self, Jagat Janini Shive. Whole universe was born from you. You are Aadya (The First Power). You are aware of this Nikhil Brahmanda (The complete Universe without boundary) but none really knows YOU.

You are the Mother with the majestic face who dispels all fear. You are generated from the Firepit of Self Realisation. You reside inside the Muldhaara Chakra that is as Kundalini; You penetrate through the Brahma Granthi or the barrier of Brahma and enable your devotees practising Yoga to be conscious while awake. You are Bhadra Priya, Bhakti Priya, (realisable by Bhakti alone); Bhayapaha, you drive out fear of the devotees; Sharbani or the consort of Sharva, Sharma dayani, who provides Eternal Happiness; Shankari, Shrikari, Saadhvi, one of Purity.

You assume many forms as per exigencies. You are Kali, Tara, Durga, Shoroshi, Matangi, Bhubaneshwari, Dhumawati, Bagala, Bhairavi, Chhinamasta. It’s you who is Annapurna, Sherawali and Kamala. You are The Supreme Shakti. You are manifested in all Gods. You are the subtle energy; you are the unsaid energy of this universe. You are Nirakara, Sakara, hence none get to know you properly. For the betterment of this universe and end evil, you take different forms at different times.

May I meditate upon this Maha Devi, who is the provider of Salvation, Epitome of knowledge, Conqueror of Ignorance, the Maha Yogini, and the Embodiment of Highest Consciousness!

Happy Diwali to you all, pray Maa keep you all safe from anything that can cast shadow on your path.



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