Happy Janmashtami to all.

GopalaLord Krishna is the poorna avatar of Para Brahman. He is an inspirer, motivator, philosopher, friend; he is the creator, the peacemaker, the light that guides us in darkness.

In His Eternal Message (Bhagavad Gita), there are many rich interpretations to his message which makes Him alive in our mind. There are many proofs of Mahabharat and with the discovery of city of Dwaraka which was submerged at the time of Krishna’s leaving the physical existence, make His life more real and true. But for a seeker of Truth, his message is enough to tell that only a poorna avatar can give such a powerful message to mankind, such benevolent and never cursing anyone.

Bhagavad Gita doesn’t contain a single curse for mankind or a particular group of people or sect. Neither does it say that we hindus alone will reach the goal.

Ye yatha mam prapadyante tam sthataiva bhajamyaham
Mam vartmanuvartante manushyaha partha sarvashaha. (Gita 4:11)

O Partha, in whatever way men approach Me, even so do I reward them, for the path that men take from every side is Mine.

This shloka explains how Bhagavat Gita is respectful of all spiritual paths irrespective of which religion one follows. When he talks about “Me” he is talking about The Supreme being. No condemnation whatsoever, only benevolent words of comfort, peace and kindness and love for humanity. Tathaiva bhajamy means Lord Krishna rewards to all. Even those who follow other religions, propitiate others and are not following the Vedic culture in any way; for them also an allotment of rewards are made available.

Many great scientists and thinkers and philosophers say that there is no match for the perfectness of Lord Krishna’s message in the history of world literature. None can match its sanity and glory. Every kind of spiritual or other knowledge aspirant, be one from bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gnana yoga or raja yoga, all are addressed. Paths are laid out clearly for each temperament and mind set of various aspirants. That is why Lord Krishna is called Jagat Guru (world teacher).

He is the Purnavatar, Satchidananda Brahman; the All in All, Jagat Nath! He encompasses everything. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

As for me, I can’t see anyone beyond him. For me he is the source, he is the end. He is the one who teaches me to keep calm, to love, to fight for truth, and motivates me by telling me to do my karma and that in the end truth will win.

Anyone who realize this Complete Fullness of Lord Krishna, naturally develop an infinite attraction to His lotus Feet.

Happy Janmashtami to all and Jai Shree Krishna!


Happy Janmashtami


5 thoughts on “Happy Janmashtami to all.

  1. What you said being the source and end is so true… Even for me, I see him as the ultimate, whenever I feel low, he is the one who uplifts me… Hare Krishna…


  2. Yada yada hi dharmasya
    Glanir bhavati bharata
    Abhyutthanam adharmasya
    Tadatmanam srijamay aham.

    Those were his words, today pray he comes again to save the world. Dharma glanir bhavtu! Jai Sri Krishna.


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