Let’s stop cribbing and promise to be more responsible.

independence-day-28Today on our Independence Day I have few simple questions to ask myself and also my fellow Indians.

Are we really responsible towards our country? Are we really working towards making it a better place? Or is it that we are spending more time in cribbing rather than doing something to make this place worth living?

Our government or bureaucracy might be unholy, but our own spirit and soul is free and sacred. We all were born free. It is through our attachments and desires that today the state of affairs have reached the point where freedom more means the freedom to be corrupt, freedom to be inhuman, freedom to create food scarcity for a section, freedom to hoard.

But it’s of no use to crib on this false freedom that we cherish. We the people are more to be blamed for this state of affairs.

If corruption is the issue, can we deny the basic truth that again its, we the common man who took part in the same. So many of us have been a part of this bribery system when it suited us. Did we think even for a minute while handing over the Rupee to the official that we are helping corruption and should stop? At that moment it was our selfish reasons which made us do it. One of my friends who is now on visit here wanted to bring his wife and kid with him. Passport became the sore point in this plan and solution meant belting out few bucks. They took a step which most never does; they decided not to do anything unlawful or corrupt. It meant he came without his family. How many of us so called responsible citizens would agree to this simple sacrifice?

Check out with this link (LINK). The case is not as simple as it looks; there again was element of money which played a part. But the Prof involved took a stand of not giving to them even at the cost of his promotion. How many of us would agree to take such a responsible step at the cost of our career?

The common path to blame poverty & food scarcity in our country is to point fingers at our govt and bureaucracy. Do we ever give some thought to the amount of food we waste? Investigate and ponder upon the food cooked at homes and see how much excess food we end up cooking. Check the roadside municipality bins where food items get thrown and you’ll see the amount of food going waste courtesy we the common man of this nation. How many of us thought of collecting them from houses to help the poverty stricken ones? I know of a school teacher in a small village from Shimla Dist. who daily visits every household to collect this excess food and distribute among poor’s living below poverty line. Mother Teresa and her fellow Nuns would visit biscuit factories to collect the broken biscuits and feed the children. We do think about poverty, we slam and crib, if only we take the initiative to start working in finding a solution by trying to follow what the two above did.

Let’s next come to being inhuman and/or treating our own fellow human beings unequally. Last few years we get to see these problems growing more in India. Law and order is crippling. Women of this country are facing hardships and things have reached a state where today they find it difficult to walk down the street alone. It’s a common saying “Charity Begins at Home”. Look at our home, even educated people seem to be discriminating among genders. Female foeticide is rampantly being followed. Women folk in most household if not treated as door-mat but not equal either. So many families I see one brother doing well, gets treated royally than his other brothers who might not have done good. Can we deny about how old parents get treated in the most inhuman manner in many families! When we cannot follow equality and humanity in our family how come we expect things to get better on a larger scale?

These are just few issues that I touched upon. When I sit down to ponder on all other issues, how so ever small it might be I realize the fault lies within us.

We talk big about freedom and how it should be, let us ask ourselves today – How often do we actually think about the sacrifice, the struggle that has gone into obtaining this freedom that we’re enjoying, other than while studying about it in history class? Being proud of my country on Independence Day and Republic Day every year has become more than a habit now. This needs to change, and fast. Unless we are responsible to this nation nothing can change.

We are 67 now and should be having a clear vision to take the nation forward. It should be clear enough to offer the young future generation a road map for engaging themselves in self-discovery and progress so that they can enjoy True Freedom instead of indulging into cribbing as we seem to be following!

We need to realize that we all were not born as some royal guests in this nation and neither do we own it to exploit it to other people’s disadvantage. Till we realize this, there can be no real freedom, peace and prosperity which we dream through Poorna Swaraj. Instead of cribbing, let’s celebrate the day by becoming more responsible towards our nation and only look at making it a better place!!





7 thoughts on “Let’s stop cribbing and promise to be more responsible.

  1. Nice thought provoking article. I am getting inspired to take few steps myself after reading & pondering. 🙂
    We never give thought but truly the onus is on every individual of India to seriously consider the present scenario and take necessary actions to rectify the situations and ultimately become actually free.


  2. Very nice! We crib curse & slam, never think of finding solution. The food wastage, never gave much thought earlier, its not v difficult true only that we need to take the initiative to do it. I’ll say few lines in bangla:

    Hoyo dhoromete dheer, hoyo koromete bir, hoyo unnato sheer, nahi bhoy! Shathe achhe bhogoban hobe joy! So let us do it. 🙂


  3. Great article Bhaskar, wonderfully worded. We start at home…..clean our house but throw the garbage right of the window. Recently, my FIL was telling us that the govt has invested a lot in Indore roads and sidewalks, and they are swept and kept clean by the municipality. But with half an hour of being cleaned, people throw trash, have dog poop all over the place and ignore all boards of ‘keep clean’. And then they blame govt. Truth is, it is the common man who is possibly the biggest enemy today of the nation. They are the ones who dirty railway toilets. Or use clean drinking water and leave the tap open, or use it to shower. They litter beautiful lakes, do not think twice before tossing the candy wrapper down on the side walk. They are the ones who tease girls, kidnap them, harass them, even rape them. They are the ones who break into online railway reservation system and compromise it. Earlier it was mostly rich people with political connections who would indulge in crappy behavior. Today your next door neighbor can’t be trusted to behave in a public place, or keep from ogling little girls while shoving their sisters and wives behind the curtain of oppression – the same man who, when a situation presents, can be a good neighbor. Yet……

    And at the end, it is all but a part of cribbing – of hoping that the common man will wake up and have an environment that encourages good behaviour and be a part of it. Happy Independence Day!


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