Israel Diary 2 – The unique Postboxes.


Sample Telegram (courtesy Google)

Come 15th July and the famous “Telegram” of BSNL comes to an end. “Taar” as it’s popularly known as among Indians, it was ordinary but Urgent! It would be used mostly by common man to send a sudden happy or sad news, no grey shades. The emotional drama attached to the “Taar”, it was unique. With advancement of technology, telegram is hardly used. So finally it’s R.I.P Telegram! Before 14th July, few of us have decided to exchange telegrams. It would be wonderful to keep a copy saved with us.

Coming to Israel, the next thing which intrigued me was their Postboxes. They have some very nice ones and are bound to grab your attention. I took pictures of many but let me share some which are my personal favorites. Click on the photograph and enjoy the slide show!





9 thoughts on “Israel Diary 2 – The unique Postboxes.

  1. Too many memories associated with telegram. 😀 the drama behind even writing one, to make it shorter to shortest it used to be such a serious matter haahaha.

    Thanks for sharing the Israel ones, nice of you to present diff aspects of Israel.


  2. Please send me one telegram too………would luv to keep one. 😀

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. The 3rd one is so nice. 😀 😀


  3. wow cute mail boxes. wish we had these types here. coming to telegram reminds me of time when i got married we used to get telegram wishes i hope my mom dad had saved some telegrams. wud chek with them any case
    with advance of technology lots of things have become extinct u can say

    there was time when telex service was used and i recall i cudnt use it as i found it very difficult to operate telex machine
    thanks for sharing inputs on israel


  4. I still have all my wedding greetings telegrams kept safely with me and among them I have 1 ordinary telegram with the greetings msg. I am happy I kept them all…..showed it ro Ria how it used to be then. 🙂

    Nice post…loved those postboxes.


  5. This is beautiful post yaar. Never used to give attention to postboxes. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Some of these postboxes seem to have an Indian design, don’t you think? Beautiful really. Makes me hate my current letter box. By the way, no one caught you snooping around taking photos of letter boxes?


    • Hahahaha. No, I don’t take any risk. I am following the advise of a colleague. I ask someone around and only after that take the shot. There are with me some beautiful collection of windows’ pictures. All those I made sure to take permission.


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