Raanjhanaa is TOO regressive to my liking!!

RaanjhanaaLast few days I have been reading reviews and views on this film. There was a group who were going gaga over the film, while another section slamming it. Though I was bit put off always after watching the trailers yet I decided to give the film benefit of doubt and watch it. BTW for me it is not Dhaanush but Zeeshan Ayub who did the best job and made a mark. He is far more impressive than Dhaanush.

And at the beginning itself, comes the scene when hero slits his wrist “For Love”. Instant reaction for me was an intense dislike for the stalker moment. Threatening to harm yourself to coercion someone is too unhealthy and in no way a sign of “Great Romance” as I have been reading being written by many cinema fans.

The movie is too messed up not just with the story line but even these negative elements. Too many loose ends, things happening illogically just for the sake of happening, they all are there as you might find in many Bollywood films. The language used especially for the girls, even that is turning into a normal part of bollywood films now a days. But continuous wrist slitting, stalking, beating of girl (Bindiya), and Bindiya in turn cool with that treatment and all as part of Love, all that was too regressive!! At the very start of the movie the hero is shown explaining his version of how to win a girl – “By mehnat (hard-work) or by Darr (threat)”. And his character takes the second option as he feels that’s the best and easy way. Sorry but this is a very regressive way to portray a love story. And worse being, this is shown as a need for the story line, and then advertise it through different reviews as if it is a part of culture, it is not okay at all, it’s very wrong!!!! Advertising through reviews I say because too many leading reviewers and critics have gone too soft on this film and its regressive part. Rajnikanth’s damaad, is it the factor which is working behind the scene for such reviews, I do wonder! They are going all gaga over the film and telling how “Real Romance” or “Deep Romance” has been portrayed here. When fact being, it’s a Very Unhealthy Love that has been portrayed.

On one hand we have heated debate going on the issue of stalking faced by women of country. We are asking this to be included in the “Women’s security Bill” (while a section of our male counterparts’ refusing to agree). And on other side we get to watch films like “Raanjhanaa” where Stalking is “Glorified”. Stalking is too traumatic an experience to be glorified in this manner! Time Bollywood start taking some onus and be more responsible.





11 thoughts on “Raanjhanaa is TOO regressive to my liking!!

  1. What you said is true, even I didn’t like Dhanush’s character either, it repulses you!


  2. I haven’t watched this movie, but I feel I know the film frame by frame, hehehehehe!!! Now I must watch it.

    Btw I posted this link in FB Mera Wala Review, now wait for the fireworks ;p


  3. 🙂 Thanks for this, had a foreboding after watching trailers. Now to stay away.


  4. Thanks for condemning this regressive behaviour Bhaskar. We need more people like you!


    • What I found too ironical is the response from our youth. On one hand they agitate on streets asking for stringent women security bill. While on other side make this film a hit, not just that, I can them praising the role played by Dhaanush. Calling this to be such an epic love story!


  5. Trailers told me its going to be this. As it is I have no love whatsoever for Dhanush, and the trailers made sure I stay away. Thank God for that!

    If you felt this level of disgust, imagine what a girl who might have faced this, which I think could be in hundreds or thousands in my country, feel while watching the film. Majority don’t go after reading reviews and sad here reviews might not tell them true issue either. Stalking issue has been addressed many a times in bollywood, but that was always for the antagonist. Not glorified as looks to have been done here.


  6. hmm interesting review. me havent watched any new movie in ages and trailer did not appeal to me at all. i usually manage to watch on tv at times.


  7. Hmmmmm. Does not sound very positive.
    More people like you need to come out slamming such films, we can hope for some change in subject quality. Thanks for speaking up.


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