Israel Diary 1 – Graffiti

One of my favorite pastime whenever I visit any new place, is to roam around alone and survey what the place offers, to meet the common man and hear about their life and to get more details about the history of the place. It’s now almost a year that I am here at Israel and I got to know a lot about this country. Its still maybe few more months I’ll have to stay here so thought of writing something about this country.

Tel Aviv and few other cities here offers some really wonderful graffiti. Few are really beautiful. Many consider graffiti as illegal or vandalism. Personally I love graffiti in a city. To me it somehow makes the city more colourful and vibrant. Graffiti made by gangsters tagging walls or made on private property, yes they can be called vandalism and best avoided. But rest, they show the beauty of a creative mind.

Graffiti is like a “Homeless Art”. They tell a story. And I love them!!! Here are few graffiti from different Israel cities, mostly from Jerusalem. Click on the photograph to see the slideshow.


16 thoughts on “Israel Diary 1 – Graffiti

  1. Me too dnt mind graffiti being done as long as they are not on private property & not abusive.They do add color to the city.

    Nice photographs! 🙂


    • This link is too good. 😀 The graffiti by Dede can be seen at many places. From the site itself I can get that the soldier one I posted here, has been made by him at many places. Soldier on peace mission. 😀

      I think they should make this art legal with some rules in place. This is one of the best way to show your art publicly to a wide range of people.


      • It’s as good as legal isn’t it? They are not removing these paintings and they are not punishing the people drawing them so it’s as good as legal. I remember seeing a whole feature on Israel’s graffitti in Reader’s Digest in 2011 the same year I visited the place. Try and get some more pictures.


        • True, its legal as far as Israel goes and maybe few more countries. But lot many countries consider graffiti as vandalism. Any idea of the month when the article came?


          • Not sure which month but certainly after May 2011. Could be in 2012 too. The paintings covered entire walls.


  2. Beautiful photographs man. Israel is among v few where you get to see some awesome graffiti. Do share more.


  3. Beautiful clicks. I love graffiti too, especially if they have a story to tell. But there needs to be a method to the madness. “Rony love Soni” are the kind of graffitis we all have hated growing up. These are on the other hand, work of art. Beautiful!!!


    • But Kolkata also have some good ones. There are streets exclusively for such graffiti. And few of the political cartoons are too good. But yes, a method is needed. Currently the whole city seem to be painted with political slogans more.


  4. I not know you like click them.Will take you places show more.There are more beutiful art.Full wall arts.


  5. I have read lot about graffiti of Jerusalem. Nice to see them. Thanks for sharing. Hope to hear more about the country. 🙂


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