Happy Mothers Day!!!


She never sings at a concert to rock the peoples’ worlds
But she puts souls at ease with each tune that she sings!
She might not have gone to school to be a chef
But her cooking can be like a five star restaurant!
She never goes to school to become a banker
But she always knows how to handle family finances to the best!
She might not have gone to school to be a doctor or nurse
But every time in family one gets hurt, she’ll show the care they need to get better!
She never goes to school to get trained as a teacher
But each time we mess up, she helps teach us a lesson!
She never goes to a school to be a psychologist
But she is always there for us no matter what we have to say!
She never goes to a school to be an artist
But she always know how to help all to impress themselves!
She never goes to a school to be an astronaut & leave footprints on the moon
But she leaves a print on her kids’ heart by just holding their hand!
She never knows what to expect by having children
But maybe it just comes naturally to her because she is a MOTHER!
And with all these other jobs none can compare how she is just being a beautiful hearted mother!!!

 Happy Mother’s Day to you all beautiful mothers!!!!

And this next one is dedicated to my own Maasa. For some reason do missing her extra today, maybe more as I am far off from my country and getting really home sick. 🙂

Moment I flung open the gates of my heart,
And gaze into its mysterious depths,
I could paint the most beautiful rose.
From the gentle stroke of my mind,
To illuminate the face of my Maasa.
My thoughts flashing as silver ripples,
On a translucent lake,
As tiny jolts of fond memories,
Rips and tears my soul,
Glistening on my wet lashes.

The images flutter and flow,
Like minute butterflies,
As I recall and remember,
Your magical glow.
Guiding my steps along the way,
Never faltering, never wavering,
Always beside me as my shadow.
Helping me mould into a new being,
Your sweet fragrance linger,
Enveloping my soul in vigour.
Never changing,
Regardless of seasons!

An edifice of unconditional love,
Making my heart flutter its beat,
Your petals one by one,
Lifting me up, together,
Mending the rough patches.
All through the years,
Brushing the dust trying to gather,
On my earthly garments.

And then one fatal twist of fate,
Forcibly separated the chord.
That wove our souls together,
Dispersing its shattered fragments.
The winner chosen in the tourney,
As such is the theme of this ramshackle journey.
Like all flowers,
A rose, had bloomed and withered,
Whatever be the reason, it was time for you to rest,
For maybe God do knows the best.

I love you Maasa even today and I miss you so much!!

Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers again!!!!!


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11 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day!!!

  1. Thanks BT, you always make us feel so special. 🙂 God bless u always…..


  2. Thanks a lot Lallaji. Such a beautiful tribute to kaki, I have tears eyes. I am sure she too look upon you as an angel from sky above. Stay blessed always.


  3. Thanks Bhaskar. Your love for your mother and all mothers is so heart-warming. But I think I fall so behind your descriptions – neither do I cook like a 5-star chef nor do I know how to handle family finances 😦 But yes I am sure I have a beautiful heart 🙂


  4. Happy Mother Day to you too Bhaskar… Thanks for always remember me in every beautiful occasions, events, festivals…. May Allah always bless you….


  5. Beautifully expressed Bhaskar.

    Thanks and wishing all other moms a very happy mothers day.


  6. Got to be one to know the word and world of a mother. and bhaskar you do have the knack to crack the emotions in a sentimental way…as always you are in our thoughts Just like you keep us in your thoughts! btw where r u these days?


  7. this is touching and wonderfully expressed what a mother means,u really have a way of stirring up the feelings

    Hope you are fine.. take care


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