Happy Birthday to a special friend.

Its your Birthday today Sahana and you asked for a gift last year, which I am yet to get done. Circumstances happened such that I am yet to get over with the same. But I’ll surly get it done this year.

For now thought of posting this for you. I am sure like me, and many others, you too have a special feeling for those childhood days. Those days of spending the birthdays with school friends. It still brings a nostalgic emotion for me, something I can never put down in words.

These few lines are for you, to celebrate those childhood days!

Nahi kahunga main ki aaj zindagi buri hain,
Par school aur un dino ke dosto ki baat hi kuch aur thhi.

Nahi Kahunga main ki aaj hansta nahi hu main,
Par bachpan ke dosto ke saath hanske ki baat hi kuch aur thhi.

Tension se raat bina sooye aaj bhi guzarti hain,
Exam ke din raat jaagne ki to phir baat hi kuch aur thhi.

Aaj bhi kadam bada ke kuch haasil karne ki koshish karte hain,
Par dost ke tiffin se zabardasti khana share karne ki baat hi kuch aur thhi.

Jaise bhi ho din to aaj bhi beet rahae hain,
Lekin bachpan ke din o ki baat hi kuch aur thhi.

Happy Birthday Sahana. Last one year lot changed, both, in my personal and professional life. Lot happened and maybe even I got changed. But few things remained same though!!!

Zindagi ke utar charaav mein badi tabdiliyaan aayi hai apne aap mein lekin;
Dosto ko yaad karte wakt aapko yaad karne ki purani aadat ab bhi baaki hain!

And praying this remains the same always!!! Have a fun filled happy peaceful year ahead.



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to a special friend.

  1. Happy birthday….beautifully expressed Bhaskar! Too many would connect to those feelings of childhood. Priceless moments!


  2. Such beautiful thoughts Bhaskar. Yes, my school days are very precious to me. I am always touched by your birthday wishes and this time even more than usual.I am so privileged to be counted as your friend!.

    Thanks Shantanu, Manju and Arpan, appreciate the wishes.


  3. Happy Birthday Sahana 🙂 Wishing you many many happy returns of the day. Beautifully penned Bhaskar!! You have such a special gift of expressing things so perfectly. ❤


  4. Thanks Minnie. Yes Bhaskar writes so well that I’ve given him the task of documenting it for me, and he is struggling to do that 🙂


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