Conquer and Master over them!!!!

“Whether joy or sorrow, pain or pleasure, whatsoever may befall thee, Accept it serenely with an unvanquished heart.” Rabindranath Tagore wrote this to his wife Mrinalini in 1898 while quoting from Mahabharata.

This is very true, to stay afloat in this roller coaster life of ours, we do need lot of courage. Giving up is very easy. None is born with courage inside us. This is cultivated by fighting life’s ups and down. Just try watching a child when he starts learning to walk. He’ll stand up; try keeping balance and then fall. If you see him for those few minutes, yes it feels painful. But when watched through few days’ time, you’ll see how happy he feels every time he stands up and tries keeping the balance. The fall after each attempt has no effect on this child, he is not scared. And finally he learns to walk on his own! A very powerful yet simple lesson on mastering fear can be drawn from this child.

While reading through literature’s by/on Vivekananda, I read a very interesting story. Once on a visit to Varanasi he was suddenly attacked by a group of monkeys. He started running when a sadhu shouted “Face the brutes and not run away”. Swamiji stopped immediately and looked at the monkeys defiantly. They all disappeared. The incident had a strong impression on Swamiji. So much that on his visit to USA, he referred to this incident as an example to encourage people to face dangers and dips of life bravely.

“The ultimate aim is not to enjoy life but to conquer it, to gain mastery over our own self” – Swami Vivekananda.

Yes, we need to conquer all our fears and master over them so that when we face adversity in life, our mental state is so strong that we can come out victorious. There is one word that can be seen in bold letters in our Upnishads, it’s the Sanskrit word “Abhih” which means fearlessness. Let us not be afraid of anything, because the moment we fear, we are nobody. Fear has the strength to consume us and make sure we fail in this test of God called “Life”.





5 thoughts on “Conquer and Master over them!!!!

    1. Recently few incidents happened, not with me but someone very close. And I realised in those two cases you really should not fear. There’s no reason to. If you have done no wrong, such manupulations never win. Truth is bound to come in the open. I’ll mail you and tell all about the incident. Just strong will in required to fight back. And fear will take away that will.


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