The Crossroads

“You seldom sit at a crossroads and know it’s a crossroads…” by Alex Raffe. It’s very true. You usually only see them in the rear view mirror.

But there do come a point in life when you know you are at a crossroad. You have no clear clues which path to take. Today I feel like being in such a place, sitting, contemplating, which path would take me to that gate. The answers are not apparent. It’s a point in life now where all my basic necessities are taken care of, but, something is missing and that’s making me restless.

Sometimes we reach a point where we need to take a decision about some important life affirming event. There are things I feel I need to do. But I am not really sure about years in my life. They say “add life to those years, that’s important”. But if time is not in my favour, how do I complete the events I am now contemplating on. What would I do if I don’t have the time in my hand?

Sometimes we do know which way to go. Just that we are reluctant to leave the familiar for the uncertain. I know time heals and deals with everything. It would do the same with my confusion. Then why plan and think so much? There’s a saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. And when time is the uncertain factor in my life, how can I quit planning! I know which way to go, what I want to do but there’s so many other things I need to take into consideration.

From childhood I was told; it’s always best to take the decisions keeping God as the deciding factor. I am sure he’ll show me some signs, some guidance to get me through this ordeal and let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Someday and Soon!!!!

Ujaalay Sahi Rah Ki Jaldi Dikha Do to Sab Sulajh Jaye;

Na Jaane Kab Kiss Gali Mein Zindagi Ki Shaam Ho Jaye.



5 thoughts on “The Crossroads

  1. As you said, keep god in mind & take the decision. You’ll never regret then as its going to be the right one.

    Seems you’re in a turmoil mind.


  2. Life can present you with crossroads very unexpectedly.They can be very uncomfortable, but you have to move forward.


  3. Remember the lines by Frost…..

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    Stay calm, pieces would fall in place telling you the path to be taken.


  4. Hi Bhaskar,

    I too am at such crossroads today. The way forward is enveloped in mist and I have only my courage and my belief in myself as companions. All other ‘friends’ have deserted and disappeared.

    As a fellow traveller, I can only say, ‘May God be with you’.


  5. wht kind of sentences r these ‘What would I do if I don’t have the time in my hand’? n ‘I am not really sure about years in my life’ Tht is SO typical of U .Noone knows, even Im nt sure about my life.So pls stop thinking negative, b B+ n b brave.


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