Happy New Year 2013, let’s be the instrument of Change!!

This beautiful world that God made for us was not meant for brutality, bloodshed and cruelty. We, supposedly, the most evolved and superior creations of God have brought His beautiful world to this!

First Delhi, next Barasat, and god know how many more such incidents which never get media mileage, its shattering!! Dreams have been shattered. Months after months there are the same old news of scams, murders, rapes, fraud and riots. Where is the “Indian” culture that we were told is unique in the world? Where women are worshiped and protected. Forget the economic progress, we may or may not have it. But we must atleast behave like a civilized society. We are going back to the Stone Age. Shame on us!

We have progressed, even our country has progressed. Indeed. We are more educated, maybe more rational, hence today for the first time in our country we see all coming out on the streets en-mass to support a “Just” cause. But today an un-answered question is coming to my mind – Can we really promise ourselves that we’ll raise our voice whenever we see someone in trouble or see some injustice being done!

The “Chalta Hai” attitude of us Indians has brought our country to this shameful state. We never spoke when women of our family got treated in a demeaning manner by other family members, especially husbands’. Wives gets beaten, we decide to keep silent as it’s not our business. We all kept silent when police and paramilitary raped and abused tribal and lower caste women. We ask them to wear burqa or ask them to stay at home and be domestic. We with our parents force our sisters to marry the boy of our choice as we feel she is a dumb fool and knows nothing about this world. How many times did we speak up when our mother’s or some other lady of family were told sarcastically that she is lower than men in intelligence! Did we speak up when one of our own friends sitting at nukkad whistled at some passing women? No, it was considered to be “Innocent Fun”!!!

Today when I see so many standing up only question that comes to my mind is; why didn’t we speak up earlier??? Why didn’t we speak up when women in our own life and surrounding got ill treated?? No parent would teach their kids to rape. But do all of them make sure to teach their kids, through their actions, that fellow human beings, irrespective of gender need to be respected?

Delhi incident was not enough that now it happens in Bengal. It makes me feel sad, angry and really ashamed to be a part of this male generation of India! Sorry to the women of my country, indeed this pain is very unnerving!!! Punishing the culprits is no last solution, strong laws are needed that would make anyone think twice before even showing “Disrespect” to women.  The mindset of people need to change.

While bidding farewell to 2012, the least we can do is to make a resolution to treat the women in our lives Right. Govt or administration alone cannot be the sole one’s to take the responsibility. This particular issue needs to be addressed in the family first.

These last few days of 2012 I am in turmoil if this life is worth to live, especially when young soul, who has yet to see this wonderful world, given untimely unwanted death! If that was not enough a lady got killed in Barasat, after her tormentors devastated her. Corruption stories all over India! In Delhi Police rains sticks on youth, but Protects alleged Rapists, killers! Our system is such that protestors can be easily punished but perpetrators of crime, it’ll take years to punish them thanks to our justice system. A Lady MP calls a rape victim sex worker and justifies that if a sex worker is raped it is no crime at all. Bravo!! The President’s son who throughout his life had easy life with no struggle, named the young protesting ladies Painted and Dented spicing it “the protesters are devoid of Ground Realities”. Does this Secured MP have any idea about what Security really means?? So many legends were lost, who with their contributions made my life (others too) colorful. I lost the light of my own life, a loss which is greatest among all losses I faced. This was a year when I had to stay away from my country longest and worse, could not go back even for a short visit when I most wanted to. Dear 2012, I want to forget you as this year you really made my life hell.

To quote Swami Vivekananda – “The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women. There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. The idea of perfect womanhood is perfect independence”. As we usher 2013, let us pledge to give women of our country this independence. They need the freedom to speak out; subjugating them will never solve this menace of crime against women. Ushering in 2013, let’s pray to Almighty to enlighten the world with Humanity and grant Serenity to make this world a better place to live; let there be respect for fellow beings. Let us be the instrument of Change and make the world a better place to Live!!!!

Let ‘cracks’ of love and good health seep through the base of your lives so that happiness resides firm and strong throughout your life-cycle in whatever you dream, think and act. A Very Happy New Year to you all!!

Happy New Year 2013


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2013, let’s be the instrument of Change!!

  1. Very well expressed. Its high time we build a new generation with new thinking. The current movement and earlier the Anna one, it gives me hope for a resurgent indian youth who might bring the change.

    Happy New Year to you also Bhaskar.


  2. Very well said Bhaskar. The country is making progress but the roots are corrupted and polluted and hence we are seeing some bad karma coming out as well. I like what you said let’s be instrumental in change. A small change can seed the big impacts and lets hope 2013 can make that change in every human and hope they can remain human.


  3. Happy New Year To u too,Bhaskar.

    sahi kaha Bhaskar……..first day of new year started with Angarika Chaturthi…Vignahartha’s day ……so hoping for the best.


  4. You are bang on target Bhaiya. Our roots need mending, jung lag gaya si. Hope for a better year next and not such a gloomy one.

    Happy new year to all.


  5. Very true, its the blunt truth. We need to 1st bring the change in our own life, in our own home. Blaming others wont help.

    Happy New Year to you and all others. Let’s pray for a better, more human 2013 and work ourselves for the same.


  6. Happy new year to you and hope new year brings the change in lives and humanity. last few weeks had been full of turmoil for me also personally as I myself lost someone beloved and then this incident just depressed me what is happening.
    nothing more to add here but wish i cud talk to u soon. take care buddy


  7. Well expressed. Hope we all can make this world a better place to live in with Almighty’s help. A very happy new year to you BB >:D<


  8. Absolutely true, its from basics that we need to mend then look up for laws. We do need strong laws, but unless the other gender get the courage to come forward and speak, all these laws would never help.

    Happy New Year to all, when I see the resurgent youth on protest, it gives me some hope that things still can be mended.


  9. Very well said Bhai, I seriously hope we all have to start standing against the even small crime near us, in our homes. It’s our duty as a mother, as a parents, as a sister, as a daughter to voice up against the crime, whether its big or small…I hope this year will bring peace in the world, in us first..Happy New Year Bro and all!!!


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