Happy Birthday Didi.

Sometime back we had our dear Amby on hot seat here. Today I have another special person – Didi (Minnie Gupta) on the hot seat on her very special day, her Birthday. She runs a blog of her own – The Lady 8 Home and today she’ll tell us about her secrets behind her success. (Hopefully) (P:S: The interview is just a fiction not real)

Me: So we start with the interview Mam.

D: Well, a BIG No. Mam sounds so alien; moreover I am not your school teacher.

Me: Then maybe I can call you Minnie ji?

D: Are you crazy Bhaskar? I hate the Jee word. It makes me sound like a scam..2G, 3G CWG.

Me: Okay fine, let me just ask my questions and end it off. You have been an interviewer at some period of your career. Can you tell how do I ask question on an interview show?

D: Well you just did Nostradamus. 😀

Me: You run a recipes blog. How do you get ideas for so many unique recipes?

D: That is a trade secret. It is like asking Coca cola for their secret recipe. Top of it, telling you never helps. You’ll come up with a “Charcoal” version of all my cooking ideas. 😉

Me: How did you get started on this writing articles thing?

D: Arae Bhaskar, if you know your Indian philosophy, the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning, you’ll know it’s not the start which is of any real relevance.

(Now I feel like calling her Guruji, but am afraid to start on that track again)

Me: You are also a good cook. Have you ever suffered from “Cooks” block?

D: What is that? No blocks.  Anyway if there is a block, one can always bypass it and now buddhu, don’t get ideas that I’m suggesting some surgery!

Me: When you have an idea does a lightbulb really appear over your head?

D: Yes, it does. It can be good or bad depending on the situation: if you’re passing under a low doorway, it might not be the best thing. And if you ever need a new lightbulb, all you’ve got to do is – have an idea. Then quickly grab the lightbulb and VIOLA! You do come up with some genius of questions on interviews Bhaskar!!

Me: Was the film Lion King based on a true story?

D: Yes absolutely. There are so many lions who can actually talk. **Head Desk**

Me: Do you have any advice for aspiring cooks like me?

D: For You???? I don’t know about that and neither I would like to take any risk of passing advises when it comes to you. It can be potentially dangerous for others staying in the house where you are cooking.

As I put my notes away, I can’t help thinking that I should have prepared better, come up with questions that would have left her tongue tied for a change. Anyway, from now on, I will blog under a different name, and approach her for another interview later.

Me: Thank you very much Maam, no sorry, Minnieji, Oops…..oopsji…jeee….I I er..r..er.. I give up..

D: *Smirk* You, my dear man, should have given up long ago!


Yes friends, that’s my didi. Always bullying me and she feels that’s her right being the elder sister. (And being the younger brother I have full rights to be the pestering and cribbing on always, with a deep sigh you’ll have to face this truth didi 😉 ). In all these bullying and angry thrashings, she do showers lot of love and I am forever indebted to God for the same. Mind you she do thrash me, and she is the only person in this whole wide world who I am scared of. 😛 On your Birthday didi, I have lot to say. I doubt if I can ever put down in words the deep respect and love I have for you. And pray I can always remain trust worthy enough for you. “Bhagwan kabhi mujhe aapki nazroon se na giraye”.

As a child I longed for,
A sister who loved me back,
A big sister who would one day care,
A sister with whom I could talk.
As a child I stood and watched,
As my friends big sisters cared,
They were there when they were hurting,
Who they hugged when they got scared.
I longed to put my arms around,
A sister who would heal my pain,
But my big sis was never there,
And When I called none ever came.
As a child I longed to share,
A sisters friendship, a bond,
And to have an understanding,
Of each other far beyond.
…And as I grew upI stopped wishing,
And no longer did I pray,
For I had given up all hope,
Until you came along one day.
You are the sister I prayed for,
The sister who loved me back,
The sister who I care for,
Who I thought I’d forever lack.
You’re the friend who talked to me,
Who picked me up when I was sad,
The friend who never left me,
The friend I never had.
You’re the friend I’ve cried over,
And who stood by my side,
The sister who never walked away,
Who filled me with such love and pride.
You’re the sister who I now ask for,
When I’m in trouble, when things go wrong,
And I’ll forever be grateful.

Happy Birthday Didi. May you be blessed with a LONG healthy and happy life, if that means few years need to be added, I’ll be the happiest one to pray to God today, to do so from mine. You are too precious to this world. Have loads of fun!!!!

Happy Birthday Didi





9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Didi.

  1. hahahaa jee ma’am hahaha tht reminds me of the time u called me ji hehehhe cracking interview and sure ur charcoal versions of all the recipes hehe

    Happy birthday Minnie! we connected again via bhaskar and via food
    world is small indeed
    bhaskar tells u r the only one he is scared of well now i can also bully him and threaten him with ur name isnt it 😀 hehe joking but ur bond is truly amazing
    once again many happy returns of the day


    • Me with u on this part, they do have an amazing bond. Its rare n I wish u 2 best in life.

      Happy birthday to minniedi.

      BT u do r a lucky one to have such a person in life…..!



  2. Jonmodiner anek anek shubechha Minnie.

    Incredible interview and absolutely wonderful wish, straight from heart anyone can get. 🙂


  3. Many Happy Returns of the day Minnie. Wishing you best in life always.

    Chhote, love you and proud of you. Stay blessed. Wrote beautifully, touching.

    PS: Thanks Minnie from bottom of my heart for being there for my lil bro.


  4. Lol lol lol!!! What the heck is this interview??? hehehehehe!!

    I LOVED the poem. You do these outstanding things, seriously. You ALWAYS make my birthday X-tra super special. XOXOXO

    @Nikunj: More than me, he has been there for me. No matter what, he has always been there for me, for everything. It’s me who is the lucky one 🙂


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