Gift of Gratitude.

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With all the happenings of last few days, I have somehow lost track of days’. Morning I got up and started preparing for office when one of my colleague pointed out its Friday weekend and also Thanks Giving day, the official Turkey Day. Yes he cooks some really delicious meals for us, anyways, any meal is delicious for me as long as I don’t have to cook. 😉 But its not Turkey, the first thought coming to my mind was, Thanks a lot God for keeping us all Safe! Thanks a lot for gifting me some really awesome genuine friends who never fail to pray for our well being.

There can’t be any greater gift to give,
There can’t be any simpler way to live,
There can’t be any greater attitude,
Than this simple Gift of Gratitude.
Gratitude that warms the heart,
When it’s bitter at the start.
Gratitude that helps you stand,
When things don’t go how you planned.
Gratitude that helps to see you through,
No matter what silly things you do.
Gratitude that repairs the broken.
Gratitude; Nothing but a simple Love Token.

Thank You God for being in this life and making it worth living. For having awesome friends. For not letting anyone or anything get me down, making sure I can pick myself up to take the step ahead. For giving me a kind and caring family, how so ever short period might that be for. For giving me a new family with all my friends around fully loving me for who I am. And last but not the least, for giving me India as my homeland.

If you ask me what am I thankful for? The only answer I can give – I am thankful everyday for the wonderful life I live with some equally wonderful people in my life. Thank you everyone for always being there, through the good and bad times, you all helped me follow my dreams!





8 thoughts on “Gift of Gratitude.

  1. Thankful to god for everything and for keeping us all together throughout even though we are all scattered today across the globe. Pray we all stay blessed the same.


  2. This was awsome!! Straight from the heart I could sense it!! :))) We all loovee u bHai.. and alwayss there for u no matter wott!! I am very luckkkyy to have known a great human being and a goood goood friend that You really are!!! I feel good when I am also counted in Your precious friendsss.. :)))) lots of love and prayers for u and evryone out there! May God keep us all safee!! ameen


  3. may god keep you & us all blessed.
    you do are a blessing Bhaskar….and pray you be there always..

    ap@rna & subhojit


  4. Well Said Bhai!!!

    Infact I would like to Thank God everyday for giving us all that we have today. And Thanks to every people around who contribute something to our loves on a daily basis.


  5. So well written, so clearly explained the true spirit of this day.

    Yes let’s be thankful for this life and people who are around us making each day special, how minor way that could be. May we all stay blessed.


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