This Deepavali, some thought on those not so fortunate ones!!!

It is that time of the year when winter is slowly taking small steps to enter India. Markets you can see shops also getting ready to sell woolen warm garments. And with that you see shops selling candles, clay lanterns, diyas and variety of electric lights. Houses are getting painted, giving them a new look. Yes it’s time to welcome Goddess Laxmi. It’s time to celebrate the festival of light – Deepavali.

My fondest memories of Deepavali are from childhood. We would wear new clothes, go through our crackers, checking – rechecking! The house filled with aroma of sweets being prepared by Maasa, Kaki’s and Bhabhis.

Today when I sit down and think of those days, I see a distinct change with the way kids today celebrate this festival. In this fast growing world and nuclear family times, there’s lot I think kids are missing. Sweets are readily available in the market. Diyas and other clay lanterns are giving way to the new electric lightings. Take example of “Gharonda” or the Diwali Ghar. We used to make it ourselves with clay and decorate it. This used to be an important part of the festival. But they all have been replaced by thermocol houses. The family get-togethers are somewhere lost!

But what comes as an encouraging thought is the fact, today kids are more responsible towards environment. In these past few days I heard from many kids they won’t be going for crackers. In many places there is a community celebration where fireworks are done and most stay away from sound crackers. The kids are more aware of safety now a day when it comes to crackers.

Besides environment these kids need to be educated upon another side of the crackers they have fun with. Most kids of our nation are not even aware of Child labor in the firework factories. This video is a documentary on this sad practice still being followed at Sivakasi Fireworks Factories and the fate of thousands of kids in India from that region. [Link Here] Its time public opinion is mobilized to stop this practice. Our children need to be educated and shown how behind every cracker they burst, there are many tragedies attached. There are many disfigured kids behind their entertainment and celebrations!

Let us all make Deepavali a fun experience but not at the cost of other human being’s well being. Let us start the festivities with positivity in our thought process. With empathy for others!

A Very Happy Diwali and wishing this festival of light brighten up all our lives! During this rough journey of ours on Earth, many a times our heart gets broken. Even by those who were never supposed to let us down! We too break few, can’t deny. We crib about less time, we also waste time. We blame an old friend for something, find a new and might again blame him for the same. Let us stop thinking “it could have been…!”. Because every second we spend upset is a second of happiness lost never to return. Here’s hoping, that the beauty of this festival of lights, bring a world of joy, happiness and contentment to you all to last the whole year through.

Happy Diwali and a very Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “This Deepavali, some thought on those not so fortunate ones!!!

  1. It is always good to read your views and thoughts on all the occasions because of your veraciousness in expressing them all. Thank you so much for wishing,Bhaiya. Complements of the season and happy Diwali to you, too! 🙂


  2. Happy diwali to you all. May the festival bring brightness into your life.

    Loved reading. Thanks for bringing up the issue. Very true, public need to wake up soon & put a stop to this child labor. Really sad!


  3. Happy diwali to all. NDTV & few others covered the prob but none even care about this. The owners exploit these poor people, they are all connected to high profile political figures. Solution seem far off.


  4. Happy Diwali Bhaskar. Missing you all this yr. 😦 May Laxmi ji’s blessing be upon you always.


  5. Nice. This one issue is going around long now. High time its taken care of especially when we have laws against it.


  6. Happy Deepavali Bhaskar, it’s always pleasure to read your thoughts. May this Diwali brings lot of happiness, health, wealth, and prosperity in your life..May God always shower his blessings on you..Love you bro!!!


  7. Wish you a very very happy diwali bhaskar and everyone. true the story of sivakasi where all firecrackers are made. since then my kids and i never bought firecrackers and the noise pollution along with smog it creates causes problems. we stay away from all of these.


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