How is this a sign of weakness???

Just now I am sitting here at the Western wall or as it’s called wailing wall in Jerusalem. I had that one slip of paper to write wish and give the Gods. And today I had something very important message to pass the Gods so am here.

It feels surreal here at night. You can see hardly anyone around. I am going to spend the night here, there’s lot to talk to ones living in the walls here and then morning my friend would pick me up to leave for Tel Aviv. Sitting alone at one end of the wall, too many thoughts run through my mind. I end up feeling so overwhelmed that I started crying.

One old man comes up to me and sits beside me. He did not say anything, just kept his hands on my shoulder. After sometime I felt fine and he got up. While leaving he just said – Don’t cry son, you are a man. Men don’t cry that’s feminine! It’s a sign of weakness.

I sat quietly pondering on what he said then thought of writing here. Why shouldn’t men cry??? Aren’t they human beings??

As far as I know emotions are same for all human beings irrespective of gender. Or is it that emotions are gender specific!!

I know many feel crying is a sign of weakness. Why? I am sure even the strongest of men would shed tears when he see any of his kids’, parents’, or loved one in real pain.

Emotions are part of human nature to get connected to fellow humans. And I think if one is devoid of any emotions, it would be like walking talking robot.

And then crying releases you off from lot of mental pressure. I have experienced it myself. By not crying, by holding back tears, by not letting this pain flow out, you end up being sadder in the process. It hurts like anything and later we end up hurting even others as this pain is bound to come out and when it does, it does as anger. We end up hurting ones near us. I feel it’s far better to let the tears flow out than hurting your near and dear ones!!! You then fall into a vicious circle and end up falling deep down into a dark hole.

I don’t think crying is anything wrong or a sign of weakness. Yes crying at the drop of a hat is wrong. Now during a hold-up if the terrorist points the gun at the policeman and him starts crying, that would be foolish!!! But to cry to grieve, to let go the pain, it actually helps in regaining ourselves. If by shedding some tears you can get up soon, I think that is more of a sign of strength and not weakness!!!


7 thoughts on “How is this a sign of weakness???

  1. Why should it be weakness. Emotions do not follow gender signs, they are present in humans. Maybe some carry less some more. Anything that pains, or touches can always bring a tear to any male. That’s showing care not weakness.


  2. Nice article. 🙂 Its a common thinking, tears are for women not men. I don’t agree. Loss of a close one, it can bring tears to men. That is not weakness. Every other man sometime or the other must have cried, if not I would say he is more cruel than caring.


  3. Tears are never mark of weakness. Its mark of humanity! Men are also human. Honest tears cleanse your heart and soul and relieve tension.


  4. Crying is being at peace with your emotions. it relieves u n give the strength to move forward boldly. 🙂


  5. Bhaskar, i wont say crying is a sign for weakness, its a outlet to express yourself and as u said better to cry out then affect someone else. crying is regardless of gender. so no its not weakness but crying for every small trivial thing is childish

    just take care thats all i wud say., and keeping inside creates more burden so its always better to let it out


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