Nirbal se ladaai balwaan ki.

Today morning I heard this song, posted by a music lover in a music group. (Posted at the end of the article). Its after ages that I heard this song. I had almost like forgotten its existence itself. I was listening and suddenly the lyrics of the song jolted me. I could relate myself so much to the song and my thought went back to last few years.

The general gist of the song is very simple but has a deep meaning. Its telling a story about a Lamp and Storm. The night was dark and everything around was in darkness. And this small lamp decided to light up and eliminate this darkness. Somewhere else a storm was also getting ready to destroy everything. It was far greater in strength than the small Lamp. It attacked the lamp but the Lamp decided to stand and face it, fight it out. Everything around this Lamp, all its near and dear ones left him alone. It was under deep sadness. And a time came when it decides to give up, but then got help and was again back to its do or die spirit. It again starts fighting with the storm. The storm tried its best, the lamp also got tired, but it never stopped flashing. The storm tried its best to attack the lamp but could never make the lamp submit. And finally it left the Lamp alone to glow.

Even in life we do face such storm in the form of ill-fate. There are times when it goes on attacking us. What it takes to fight out is to never give up. And I am telling this from my own personal experience. Yes I too went through a phase where I thought of ending everything. Bhaisa, Bhabhi and then Babuji and finally when it was Maasa, I found myself falling deep down into a darkness from where I was finding it difficult to come out. I still consider it a divine intervention which stopped me. Voice of Minniedi calling me and I was jolted out. Something never possible as she was miles away. But after that I realised what great mistake I was making. Come on friends, giving up is easy, not a big deal. How about those other close ones who’ll next go through pain because of our action. To just think of our own pain and end it, that selfish!!

Another lesson I learned was the fact that we are never really Alone. You loose near and dear one’s, the pain will stay always as they can never be replaced. But if you look around, reach out to others, you’ll find many others beside you. Many among them you might even find becoming more of family. You’ll end up forging bonds which might not be same as your lost one’s but neither less either.

It never makes sense trying to think about why’s and how’s. Because we never know the reasons behind what happens to us. Fate is something which has always been a mysterious stranger to all. And the more we try pondering on those questions, more chances are we’ll end up falling deep down. If we continue to carry our burden of past miseries and weaknesses, chances are we’ll never be free and stay devoid of getting happiness. Last few years taught me that happiness comes, not by helplessly thinking, but by living it in all the moods of life.

I do am lucky to find likes of Amby, Saara, Preeti, Shiza, and so many in my life, who made my life more beautiful by making me feel loved. (Still can never forget the thrashing by Amby hahaha). And not the least, Minniedi, Barnalidi, Prateek and Uttam, who took me as their own family. And thanks Shantanuda for forcing me to jot down everything here today, it does feel light, as if some burden taken off!!!

And here’s the song!!!


8 thoughts on “Nirbal se ladaai balwaan ki.

  1. Yes Bhai…Zindagi me aana jaana to laga huwa hai… bas jo hao usku improtance to coz they stood by you and they care for you..


  2. That was……….it hit me hard man. Inspiring!
    May the Lord always give you the strength to stay strong. You say the truth, you reach out reason why you have so many wellwishers. 🙂 Beautiful person at heart you are!


  3. that was hard hitting yet inspiring. u know bhaskar there have been times i have been frustrated and felt helpless and angry with everything and everyone around me and just wanted to do something real bad but those times i have come across words from you in such a way it makes me see things differently. and u know i think it was destiny that we had re connected again after losing touch for some yrs. now that u r there as my pillar i m going to bug u more hehe

    but as all says stay strong and since u r so good with everyone it reaches back to u multifold

    hope this chatter of mine didnt bore u 🙂


  4. This is v inspiring!
    Meena is so correct………u r strong & ur soul is beautiful.reason why u have so many true friends
    Hugggggg…..! I am so blessed to have u as friend.


  5. You have been an inspiration Bhaskar, of the most awe-inspiring kind. Yes, those were tough time. Yes, it was a hard journey. And you made it. And how!

    It was indeed the ladai of nirbal and balwan… came out balwan. A big big hug for that!


  6. Inspiring! And you are just that bro. 🙂 Love you from core of my heart. We all are so proud of you.


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