Whacky Bikerz!!

I was reading one funny article on bike and recalled similar incident I went through long back. This happened in those days when I didn’t have a bike of my own though knew how to ride one. And already I was one adventurous experience old with bikes.

It was the first day in college of my friend Himanshu’s sister Neetu. And we decided to be there at college and lend her the moral support. On her request mind you, as she was scared of ragging! Her first class and we asked her to go. We all were standing at the bike stand which was directly facing Neetu’s classroom door and hardly few feet away from the building. I casually took the rider’s seat, holding the bike handles. One of my friends’ suddenly challenged me if I can kick start a bike while sitting in that position.

I took up the challenge and gave a kick. Made two grave mistakes! I never took hold of the brakes and never noticed the bike was in gear. The moment it took start, the bike jumped forward. Yes Literally Jumped!! And by the time I pressed the brakes and looked up, I found I was inside Neetu’s classroom.

It felt like whole world is on “Pause” mode. I felt like “The Specimen” in the zoology lab that is being studied carefully. My first reaction was to look back and get some support from my friends. Friends in need are then Friends Indeed!! My dear friend’s made sure to break my myth; they all had their back turned toward me. I realized that day the truth behind the saying “You come to this world alone and walk along alone”.

The first person to recover was the Prof. “If I am not wrong, you need to ask permission before entering the class?” was his first words. Only reply I could come up with was “Yes Sir”. “How about entering the class like a normal student than in a chariot?” “Yes Sir”. “If you are done with your yes sir’s, can you now take a decision as to joining the class or your friend’s outside? Whatever you do, please make sure to keep this chariot of yours outside the class”.

That was the last “Yes Sir” from me and I was next out of not just the class but the college compound itself.

What still remains as a photographic memory of this incident is Neetu’s face when I looked at her after making my grand entry. It was such a mixture of Shock, Fear and Disbelief!! Must be cursing the moment when she asked her brother to be there with his friends to lend support.





18 thoughts on “Whacky Bikerz!!

  1. hahhaahhahaha and I remember the whacking I got from Neetu that evening. Can neva forget this incident.


  2. I too recalled, she was convinced her bro is mixing up with wrong crowd haha. Pankaj had to work hard to this notion out of her head.


  3. Hahahahahaha ki yaad dilata!

    Akku mama next day was telling about aajkal de munde, how they come to colleges talli. Hitender then told him meekly mamaji it was Chhote Thakur.hahaha. Akku mama had a blank look.he could not understand how did you manage to do this. :)))))))


  4. How did you????? haha. Now the bike stand of the govt college is outside the college campus. Maybe cause of guys like you. 😉


    • Nah they took it out as they had to put another building. 😉 How did I to mat hi poochho bhaiya. =))


  5. Hahahaha thats one funny incident to imagine. Those who watched it live would be in fits of laughter afterwards.


    • Arae we never talked about it after that as within 2-3 days time I had to leave for my own college. Tabhi to bhul gaya thha. Yesterday I was reading one article jaha one man got injured as he also started the bike in gear mode while holding one of the handle. Suddenly yeh yaad aaya. =)) Now more secrets are coming out, seem one of our Uncle who was a teacher in that college thought I was drunk. Hahahahaha.


  6. hahhaha ha hahaha where is the rofl emo here

    this is way too hilarious i cud picture this in my head and cud think of this line only
    jab main chhota bachha tha, badi sharaarat karta tha

    hehee oh god what a laugh riot and u reminded me of my incident on a cycle as i didnt know how to ride one.

    my cousin put me on cycle and held the cycle and asked me to pedal it

    the moment he left the cycle dhadaam i fell like anything hehehe


    • I had forgotten about this incident. Kal was reading one article and suddenly jaise flash ki tarah yaad aaya. =))


    • You won’t believe didi while reading the article I recalled this. And then started laughing like anything. I just could not stop. =)) BTW that bike is that infamously famous bike of mine jisme bahut adventures kiya hai. 😉


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