Achyutam Keshavam

This particular Bhajan sung by Vikram Hazra (Posted at the end) has been a favourite of mine for long. And last few months, I have been listening to this song every morning before leaving for work. Its so divine and calms me a lot, helping me in turn to get through the day wonderfully. It touches the soul.

The lyrics of the song answers so many of my questions. Why doesn’t God listen to me, how can I get him near me, and so many. The song tells the simple ways to pray the Lord, tells us how to get near him. “Kaun kehta hai bhagwan aate nahi, Meera ke jaise bulate nahi”, this line always hits me when I hear this bhajan. We all seem to be doing so many things to call the Lord. Money is laundered in the name of “Puja” to get him near us. But how many of us really call him with the same devotion as Meera, to try calling him from base of the heart. The lyrics of this song conveys the absolute truth about what devotion really means. Meerabai and Shabari are the beautiful examples.

I salute you O Achyuta, Shri Krishna, the Infallible one, who is perfect, who can never fall or be wrong, for he is the perfection of the perfect. Few more lines that comes to my mind when I listen to the song….

Kaun kehte hain Bhagvan maante nahi, tum Radha ke jaise manaate nahi.
Kaun kehte hain Bhagvan samjhaate nahi, Arjun ke tarah tum samajhte nahin.

Kaun kehte hain Bhagvan sunte nahi, Soordas ke tarah tum sunaate nahin.
Kaun kehte hain Bhagvan saath rehte nahin, Hanuman jaise dil mein basaate nahi.


7 thoughts on “Achyutam Keshavam

  1. I 1st heard the bhajan on Sanskar channel. I made sure to get the audio track. Its so soothing!


  2. This is so beautiful. Hearing it first time.

    Loved the way you presented. Excellent writing and lovely thoughts!


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