Thy Will Be Done.

Whenever I am going through despair, there’s something I read through always and today thought of sharing with you all the same. Its written by Swami Vivekananda. Someone very dear to me shared it with me long back after the demise of Maasa. I made sure to carry it with me always as it really helps in picking myself up whenever I am down.

“Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither; the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Thus said the old Jewish saint when suffering the greatest calamities that could befall man, and he erred not. Herein lies the whole secret of Existence. Waves may roll over the surface and tempest rage, but deep down there is the stratum of infinite calmness, infinite peace, and infinite bliss. “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” And why? Because it is during these moments of visitations when the heart is wrung by hands which never stop for the father’s cries or the mother’s wail, when under the load of sorrow, dejection, and despair, the world seems to be cut off from under our feet, and when the whole horizon seems to be nothing but an impenetrable sheet of misery and utter despair — that the internal eyes open, light flashes all of a sudden, the dream vanishes, and intuitively we come face to face with the grandest mystery in nature — Existence. Yes, then it is — when the load would be sufficient to sink a lot of frail vessels — that the man of genius, of strength, the hero, sees that infinite, absolute, ever-blissful Existence per se, that infinite being who is called and worshipped under different names in different climes. Then it is, the shackles that bind the soul down to this hole of misery break, as it were, for a time, and unfettered it rises and rises until it reaches the throne of the Lord, “Where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest”. Cease not, brother, to send up petitions day and night, cease not to say day and night — THY WILL BE DONE.





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  1. very deep profound msg and its almost same thing in bhagwat geeta. we come in this world empty handed and we go empty handed and i would like to share with you all something i read very recently. In hindus dead are lit on funeral pyre and then ashes are submerged in holy rivers. I read that when a person is born the weight is almost 3kg and when the person is gone the ashes after the funeral is also almost same 3kg. so we bring nothing and take nothing when we go to the supreme lord. Well also, those who have come would go and these lines just hold a lot of meaning. dont despair as this is the reality of life. easy for me to say bhaskar but its what all of us accept isnt it. sorry if i offended but just wanted to share and my comment got real long.


    • You are correct. It is said that when a person lives his full life, after death and cremation, the ash weigh almost same as his weight during birth. Thanks for reminding this. I too read it long back. It so proves that we come empty and go the same. No gain no loss.


  2. The basic truth about this roller coaster ride we have called life. This man is great, like the God himself in flesh & blood. Nice share. Now cheer up my dear friend, its been long I heard from you. Need to catch up.


    • He is one I always look up to for guidance. His wordings are always helpful. And don’t you worry, me fine. Just that I was reading the note and thought of sharing.


    • Barnalidi had sent these lines to me and I took a print out of it to keep with me always. It really helps in pulling ourselves up.


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