Independence a choice, Freedom our right.


Freedom is our right. Independence is a choice.

What does Freedom really means?? To me….

Freedom is when a woman is able to walk down a street anytime of the day without any fear.

Freedom is when children can attend school without any restriction and not feel like an outcast there.

Freedom to me means the liberty to let me do things as per my creativity and imagination, definitely within the social and moral norms.

Freedom to me is when media do stay free but make sure to follow the truth and not project half baked truths for the mass.

Freedom is to dream for such a land one day (Click to read) and actually get to see it.

Freedom is stepping out of evils like hypocrisy, lies, corruption etc.

Freedom to me is freedom of speech, freedom of speech to speak out against the evils happening and not stay quiet.

Freedom is to get free from the evil monster inside us. Few days back one of my friend had posted from The Dark Knight – We stopped looking for monsters under our bed, when we realised that they were inside us. Very true!!

Freedom to me is far more than cast, creed, religion, nation. Its something beyond infinity, something spiritual, something that frees my soul!!!

On this Independence day hope we can get real freedom and grow as a better nation. Happy Independence day to all. May our Tricolour always fly high!!!

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  1. May we get to see a nation where ‘the mind is without fear and head is held high’ in true sense. Happy Independence day!


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