My Favorite bridge, then and now!!

Howrah Bridge has always been a favourite of mine and one which always left me in awe. Standing with elegance, this incredible bridge, I always make sure to stand near and watch it closely whenever I get a chance on my visit to Kolkata. Looking at this majestic vintage bridge only one thought comes to my mind always – This bridge is standing erect and it has been built with “No NUTS and BOLTS”!!!!

Ask anyone to tell about a Kolkata landmark and first thing he’ll tell about is – Howrah Bridge. This mammoth bridge is the lifeline of this metropolitan. This marvelous engineering work is considered to be one of the finest Cantilever Bridges in the world. It was started around 1937 and completed in 1943. On 14th June, 1965 the bridge was renamed – Rabindra Setu after Rabindranath Tagore.

But before this cantilever bridge came into being, at the same point we did have another bridge which connected “Calcutta” with Howrah. It was a Floating Pontoon Bridge and had a detachable middle part for passage of ships. Here are some images from that era and also from the construction days of the new bridge. (Got the images on mail so thought of sharing with you all. Click on the images to see the enlarged view.)

Howrah Bridge – 1890. It was then a floating pontoon bridge. Photo taken from Howrah end.

Pontoon Howrah Bridge – 1920. You can see the huge building, Howrah Station on the other end. This photo has been taken from the Kolkata end.

This photograph is from Ananda Bazaar Patrica newspaper. The new Howrah Bridge construction is being carried on.

The majestic bridge standing tall from 1945, without any Nuts & Bolts!!! And as per official figures, its carrying lot more load than it was calculated to carry when built originally.

And the majestic bridge – A night view.





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  1. Thanks for sharing them with us. Howrah bridge, its my fav too. And to see the history of this construction, amazing!


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