I know you are there!!!

While checking 123greetings, I realized its Father’s day today. And the very day brought in a rush of emotions and memories of Babuji!

I remember those 8yrs you had to go off on a job asking my Uncles to take charge of the family. We grew up, very comfortably, with grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and most importantly Maasa. While you spent those days alone trying to secure our future. I realize now, you had to, for our sake!! People said how practical and strong you are. Practical, yes you always were but strong!!! I am not sure but you let everyone believe that.

You gave me and Bhaisa everything. A secured close-knit upbringing, an exposure to everything we wanted, freedom, the real one!!! You made us learn how to adjust to any situation, an ability people used to adore in you and now even me. You taught us to treat everyone as equal irrespective of caste and religion, to be fair, and to have the courage to speak our mind out yet holding on to our value systems at the core.

Yes I also inherited the fuming temper of yours which lasts for hardly few minutes. I was scared of you and Maasa used to be my shield. I won’t shy away from accepting that I used to manipulate her to get my way with you. She understood yet she gave in. She too was quite bohemian herself, and no, I am not going to write about her again. I know have written enough about her, but it never seems enough!!!

But I got to know the tender softer side of you as I grew up. I was shattered when I fell sick just before my 12th boards and the way you handled me, instilled the confidence back and helped me pick myself up, you have no idea Babuji that gave a new lease of life to me. I loved the look in your eyes when I graduated. When Bhaisa passed away, the way you hugged me to console when I knew you yourself were torn apart from inside!!!

And when you became the village head, I saw the other side of you. You were a different being, fair and sensible beyond compare, an administrator and leader par excellence. What I have learnt most from you is the ability to give what you have, not to someone who has it, but to someone who needs it the most. You never had any will or need to score any brownies, you always did and people saw through you. Hence they stood by you always through the years. I know too well, the love and respect I get from everyone in our village is all because of you.

I never ever stopped aping you and Bhaisa, well Bhaisa more! And never will, in life, at work, in treating and leading people. And it feels great when people who knew you tell me “Chhote Thakur, you are so like your father. You have a soul like him.” Well Bhaisa also aped you, hence…!!

I have only the memories of all the good times we had together but I know your spirit will live on. I know your hands would always be there on my shoulder when things goes tough. I know you are watching me as you always did. I know that in my heart!!!





5 thoughts on “I know you are there!!!

  1. Its beautifully written and brought back so many memories of Kakasa. Not just you two but many in family looked up to n aped him.
    May his soul rest in peace, even I know he is looking over us all.


  2. It brought a tear to my eye, a lump to my throat and a smile to my face. I wish I had met your parents. They had to be beautiful people to have such a beautiful soul for a child.

    Loved it. You write so beautifully, weaving magic with words, everytime.

    love U bro……loads!


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