Happy Mother’s day to you all beautiful Moms!!!

Happy Mother’s day to all Moms.

The bond between a mother and her child is probably the most powerful one in this world. Maybe the sole love in this world which is unconditional is the one of a Mother for her child. And this love is what makes this planet so very beautiful. This love is the reason for so many success stories. You won’t see a mother thinking twice when it comes to sacrifice something for her child.

On this special day when I think of what my own Mother, grandmother, Aunts, Bhabhi’s and so many other beautiful Mothers I have in my life, have done for me, I realize what a blessed life I have! Their contribution in my life, in one word I can say – Incredible!! My spiritual Mother, she has been always providing me with guidance and clarity and showing me the path of truth.

Anitha, Barnalidi, Sangeetadi, Sahana, Ritudi, Kavitadi, Nehadi, Priya Kapur, Mini, Al, Truptidi, Simdi, Jyoti Bhabhi, Apra, Sonu, Rita Bhabhi, Meenaji, Sumedha, Manjari Bhatti, Lakshmi, Happy Mother’s day to you all Special Moms and all other Moms!!! Your support, guidance, encouragement, all is invaluable to me and many others.

And a very special Mother’s day wishes for someone very special, without whom, I don’t know what I would have done!! This strong, in control person that I think I am, I am sure I would have fallen down into a dark hole if you had not been there Minniedi. Where do I start?? When I was on verge of leaving my degree midway due to family troubles, you encouraged me and made me give a last try. Today I owe this degree to you. Made me a part of your family when I lost my own and made me feels wanted. Every time I fell down, you made sure to pick me up. So many times in life I gave up, but never you!! Reckless and careless me, but you were always patient with me. Your arms were always open when I needed a hug; you were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me fight hardest battles of life and given me wings to fly. Didi I salute you and let me tell once more, I would have been nothing without you.

What will I ever do without you Didi!!!

I remember the day when I lost the way, 
To find myself in the darkest bay,
Away from sense and sensible way,
A life it was just to live away,
I asked him why I was made,
To be ridiculed of life and better way,
Was this the reason of my birth anyway?
He deprived me of what I should have got,
But in turn gave me you which I never thought,
Your words of love I received strong,
Like the gentle slap to guide me along,
To see me there on the way to humanity,
To love everyman and to know my almighty,
Under your umbrella I grew each day,
Learned to fight the pain in my heart every day,
Today if Almighty you can listen to my prayer,
For bringing this joy to my life, here let me thank you forever.





11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s day to you all beautiful Moms!!!

  1. Thanks Bhaskar…….thanks for making us feel so spl.. 🙂
    loved reading evryline…..


  2. Thanks BT. Beautiful read, nice way to start the day. My kids had already planned a lot to make the day special & your wishes brought an extra smile. 😀


    • Adding: you are among those few specially blessed ones to have so many wellwishers and to have someone like minnie in your life. Stay blessed!


  3. Great post. Telling people around you and especially those whom you respect a lot, what they mean to you, is a gift of God not possessed by many in this world.

    Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.


  4. Thanks so much BT. 🙂 Love you loads!

    You do are one blessed guy and a blessing in turn for us!


  5. Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all. Happy Mother’s day to all Moms.

    Nice article Bhaskar. 🙂


  6. Bhaskar, your words touch my heart, everytime. I don’t deserve all that you say, my cup overflows. Take my blessings, they come straight from a mother’s heart.


  7. Thanks dear Bhaskar. It works both ways. You are also a source of strength for us. When I see you picking yourself up and walking again each time, it helps me to pick myself up too. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers reading this.


  8. thanks a lot bhaskar for the mention and u know u indeed are blessing to many and it just reciprocates, and my mothers day worked wonders for me today and all becoz of u, happy mothers day to all the mommies


  9. Thanks Bhaskar for making us feel so special. I m really touched by this lovely gesture which made this day so special.


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