Finally touch that Awesome Mark!!!

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Hi, this is hmmm well I am Bhaskar’s elder bro on visit to his blog through direct “heavenly satellite connection”. 🙂 WordPress informed me that my brother’s blog is finally reaching the milestone of 250 posts. So thought last few posts the fellow has been making very serious ones, how about hijacking the blog and telling you all on this occasion about this fellow.

My brother was eleven years younger to me. Being the youngest member, he was always the one who would make rules, break rules and amend the same as per his requirement. His innocent smile and *fake* sulky face, they used to be the best ominous weapon he possessed and with perfect skill used the same with precise alacrity.

The Issues we had: To be frank, whenever I and my brother would talk, it barely took ten min for turmoil to start. Thanks to our (his more) creativity, we would always come up with new topic to fight. Trust me, even in selecting a topic to fight, we would have a fight. Sometimes, I just feel we have more number of issues than probably, India and Pakistan have.

My brother’s Skill set:  “Good lord, save the world”

Blackmailing skills: If ever, there were a noble prize in blackmailing; my brother would have been winning it for last 30 years undisputedly. He has such a photographic memory that whenever he wants something from me which I am not accepting, he’ll just open the account book of my life, would pick up one unfavorable ghastly mistake that I did before (say even a decade back) and the next moment, he’ll pretend to stomp towards Babuji mumbling that today he’s going to reveal everything.

Still remember, I got one New Year greeting card from one girl (who was not even my girlfriend) which my bro, somehow, discovered. The next thing I remember is for the next 2-3 weeks he made me do all his maths and science homework and practical works. Condition applied: he won’t tell it to Maasa.

Acting Skills: I bet 20 on 10. Whenever he is losing any argument (very rare event indeed, you have better chances of seeing Haley’s comet than to see my brother loosing, though heard at heavenly quarters these days he is losing to someone and I really congratulate that person – Minnie Gupta.), he’ll gradually drag the venue of fight near to the place where our Mom is sitting and henceforth either of the two under-mentioned case would ensue:

1. Suddenly, within a minute, he may start crying with REAL tears. 2. He’ll somehow bring me inside the hullaballoo as a result of which now the whole focus is shifted to me. In either case, it’s Game Over for me. Within a fraction of second, the focal points would shift and ultimately, I am the one over which the sinister flash light would now get aimed. Needless to mention, next few hours would gets wasted in convincing, pleading and begging my mom that nothing like this happened.

Biased role of elders: it’s an unwritten law. They always take the side of the youngest. Whenever we are having an argument, my whole family will support my great brother. Trust me, I have lost even a debate “who is more important, School Principal or Prime Minister” even though I supported Prime Minister.

I guess if I continue penning down every incident, I may end up writing till eternity. So let me stop here for today. Have a good day everyone.


Those lines above are just to show what bonding I had with my Bhaisa. He was a Gem of a person and yes even today I would give anything to get him back to my life. He had a beautiful side and he could never see tears in my eyes. True, so many times I took advantage of the same. Every step he would try to make sure I am comfortable. I still remember, he got hurt after a football match in college and the very day we missed our last bus home. I was tired after school and found walking home difficult. He never mentioned the pain, instead picked me up on his shoulder to reach home. Next almost a week he had to stay on painkillers after the incident. He helped me memorize all the answers of history, civics, geography (and even maths and science) during board exams. He was a wonderful brother!!!! So this post I thought of dedicating to this incredibly awesome brother of mine!!

And let me also thank all others who visited this blog time to time. Posted comments and even inspired me to carry on with writing. I know I am at times difficult, also naughty. I love pulling your leg, I love irritating you all, I love making you all laugh. But I am also there for you all whenever you need me. Thanks for always being there. Many a times I felt like closing this blog, but then without fail I would get a message from someone, asking about the long break. And result, I am again back here. Thanks everyone for keeping me going, you all are equally, infact are more the reason why I could reach this 250 mark. And thanks WordPress for giving me this platform. 😀 And Special thanks to Adi, he was the one who made me, inspired me to start this blog!!!!

In a nutshell I can say today – Tedha zaroor hu; magar aap sabka hi hu!!!!

And also let me take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy Lohri.





18 thoughts on “Finally touch that Awesome Mark!!!

  1. That was a funny yet touching article Bhaskar

    First congratulations Bhaskar on this feat. Love you and very proud of you man! And I am sure that bro of yours is also feeling very proud of this kid brother of his.

    happy lohri to you too.


  2. awww first of all congrats on the 250th post, mera to 100 kya 50 bhi nahi hua abhi tak. slow coach me maybe.. this is awesome post and yes teda hai par mera hai perfect hai ji

    whatever u are dont change for anything or anyone

    and again i would like to thank you through this post that u set me up on right path to utilise my time and write blog and thanks to u its now growing nice and good..

    keep it up and dont shut ur blog.. so much we get to tell and if u quit i tell u i wud also stop. samje tum


  3. Woonoowwiiieee 250th post that’s aweesome bro…congratulations!!!!!.party toh banti hai ab for sure=) and yes I loved the blackmailing part hehehehe


  4. Congrats BT. 🙂

    Its such a cute post & am sure your bro is there always with you. The article also tells you too know he is there.

    Hope to read more from you, don’t even think of stop writing.


  5. While reading the whole thing about Bhaskar bhaiya from Diwakar bhaiyaji and then the part from Bhaskar bhaiya himself i found myself laughing and smiling at the same time and now my cheeks are hurting because i’m still smiling hehe. Congratulations on reaching this mark,Bhaskar bhaiya!May you keep soaring great heights and setting such capital marks 🙂


  6. Congratulations bro!

    Loved reading it. I can never forget the PM n principal debate. You forgot to mention here that you blackmailed Kaki n kaki made us all support you haha. 😉

    But true, those really were fun days! I still miss those family get togethers. And remember this bhaiyaji is also there for you always…….


  7. Wow 250! Great work Buddy. And this is such a cute n funny article man.

    Keep it up n hope to see more from you. Also do give a thought on my idea about photography blog.


  8. Tedha hai, par sabka dulara hai :-).. you, yourself are a gem bro… honestly u all supported me without knowing that i need some support.. honestly just because of you, i got such loving sisters.. they are always there for me.. koi subah hota hai koi shaam aur koi cricket match ke waqt.. if god will the surely i would love to meet all of them(may be attend there marriage very soon ;))


  9. Finally i get to read it ……Congratulations Bhai! For the 250th Mark and awsome Post. Love such posts from you. Just wishing you the Best Bhai and hope to see more of these.

    Keep Smiling:-)


  10. Firstly Bhai, Congratulations and A very Happy Lohri to you too!
    It takes a lot of patience to put thoughts down and I dont think I could ever make such blog posts. Your thoughts are always so special to read and the quality you have to put them down on paper. So do not ever quit hmph. lol.
    Thank you for always being such a special bro and always being there!
    God Bless,


  11. First, congratulations….its a big thing yaar.
    Loved the article a lottt…. even i remember our childhood n how bhaiya was always there for us. Getting chocolates sweets n what not…
    Do miss him but am sure he is there looking upon you 🙂


  12. wow Baskar Bro..we dint know u made bade bahi do ur homework….so bad.

    Happy Pongal Baskar Bro.


  13. Finally found some time to sit down and read it through….beautifully written…and made me want to know your brother more. I am sure he is still looking after you, though at this moment I am guessing he is getting onto new mischiefs in his brand new life…..waiting to make some more beautiful memories.

    Congratulations…..250!! Wow!! Hats off!!!


  14. Beautiful memories n beautifully written Bhaskar n congratulations .
    BTW u still r stubborn, naughty n baby.


  15. Congratulations! It certainly take a lot to get to 250 posts! 🙂

    And the message from your brother and your reply shows just how deep a bond the two of you share. Nothing like siblings eh 🙂


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