Jokhon porbe na mor payer chinho ei bate….

Don’t go by the title and think my post is something in bengali. It’s related to my favorite poet – Gurudev. Its 249th blog post and before hitting the 250 mark, thought of dedicating this one to this great human being.

I was reading one of his poem, translated from the Bengali song “jokhun porbe na moor…” today. Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry, especially this one, always leave me thinking how he could speak about death in such a bitter sweet manner!!! Just like a nostalgia after death!!! We remember the one’s we loose, feel their presence, and Gurudev expresses them so beautifully. The poem represents the real life’s story in this world and the next.

After going through some trying days last few months and seeing death from very close quarters, I see these lines today with a much clear mind. Gurudev has talked about death in many of his poems and he has uttered death in such a profound and subtle acceptance. That’s how it should be!!! I have realised life is never safe for anyone. And tomorrow if I too am not there, these words of Gurudev are just what even I would say to all my near and dear ones!!!

And here’s the poem and also the Bengali song for you all.

When my footprints fall no more on this marketplace
When I stop ferrying my boat at this ghat (ferry stop)

When I will have stopped trading my goods
When I will have balanced my books
When comings and goings have stopped at this marketplace
Please do not remember me.
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.

When dust fall on the strings of my tanpura
Thorny vines creep up the walls
Mould appears on the sides of the lake
Please do not remember me
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.

Then the sound of the flute will be as it is today
The days will pass by as they do today
At the ghat, the ferries will run
Cows will graze, cowherds will play in the meadows
Please do not remember me
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.

Who says that in that morn, that I am not?
In every game, the same I will be there,
With a new name you will call upon me,
With new arms I will be embraced
The same eternal I, will be coming and going.
Please do not remember me
Gazing at the stars, do not call my name.





5 thoughts on “Jokhon porbe na mor payer chinho ei bate….

  1. This song always left me with tears in my eyes. I still cannot control tears when i am listening
    awesome song with awesome lyrics by Kobi guru.
    But Bhaskar, do talk of death but pls don’t talk about your leaving so soon. My program remains to be done yet. 😉


  2. I can never explain the specialty of this song…….everytime I had watched this movie or song, in the past cried like anything—-I don’t know why but can’t control my emotions!
    And you Bhaskar, wish you a long life!


  3. the poem is touching and emotional but bhaskar pls pls . i agree with above commentators dont talk like this.. i dont know what to say. u always make me laugh now u make me cry 😦


  4. Beautiful words by gurudev. Rabindrasangeet is always my fv but this one touches like anything. Hits u and brings tears flowing down.

    And BT please no talks of leaving anymore. We won’t let u go man!


  5. As a kid I used to hear to this song, when dad played it. Rightnow.. after so many years, somehow feels like thats the land where I belong ..Melancholoy at its best. Ashadharon!


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