Wishing all a Merry Christmas!!!

My Christmas wish for all is that we all get better at achieving an inner peace so that we can all become more open, loving and accepting of others. Finding time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and slowing down to appreciate both beauty we bring to others and the beauty they bring to us.

In this humble quest for personal peace may our actions resonate outward – could be small and slow – but begin to radiate and glow stronger throughout the year.

Wishing for the door of hate to be closed and the window to tolerance opened. For those with heavy hearts of loss and depression to find lot of peace and happiness.

Instead of wondering what we all might get hope we get to learn to give of ourselves. Give to those others forget.

For Christmas is about Jesus. It is about true love. A love no greater is there for you than from our God above.

For all my friends and family,
And those who are special to me,
I pray that Christmas cheer,
Will stay in our hearts all year!
And keeps both, our hearts and homes warm!

Merry Christmas!!!



8 thoughts on “Wishing all a Merry Christmas!!!

  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you too Bhaskar. May this year being health an joy in your life too.


  2. bas ho gaya yeh chritsmas aur new year aur b’day wishes…shaadi ke wishes kab bhejne milenge pata nahi?? ((dreaming…..))



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