That 0.1% missed chance….

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0.1% extra faith, belief, trust, patience, conviction and confidence – is all I need many a times.

Every time I have missed it, I missed it by that much.

Every time I held it, I dropped it by that much.

Every time I said it, I was silent by that much.

The final strike, the final blow, the final lap, the final call, but when I missed it, I missed it by that much.

God is in the details they say and I feel this 0.1% is my god.

When I put out the details of the 100%, what gets done, what needs to, a vision looms large. Its bigger and brighter, and enigmatic than any 0.1% can be.

I wonder – Am I mixing up my have’s and have nots’!!!!

Have I just been too satisfied, or have I just had too much hunger. It confuses me. I take a walk, unclutter my mind. I try thinking with a child’s mind. I try going back to those past days. And here it went……….

The hand to pull me through, the nod to let me do, the pat to lift me up, the mind to guide me through…..

All that I need today is you Bhaisa!!!





3 thoughts on “That 0.1% missed chance….

  1. I would say, just do what you have to do and maybe someday you’ll realize that its worth much more than you had thought…….


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