“Revolution 2020” – Sorry Chetan, but it a Disastrous Revolution.

Not that I was expecting anything great from this book, yet, after 2 States I thought maybe he would now go forward towards improving. To say I was disappointed is probably an understatement. The book is a lousy attempt at writing.

Revolution 2020 is the perfect example of what happens when you are writing something without proper research. When you take different plots from Bollywood masala movies and create a remix of the same, while trying to cash in on the corruption wave running across the country, which incidentally gets relegated in the backdrop because of a directionless story. All the characters are weak. Gopal’s character he tries giving a grey shade but fails miserably. To justify the title he added few chapters which hardly have any significance or connection to the actual story line of the book which supposedly is a love triangle, unfortunately taking a very “Acute” angle. Raghav’s character which is the center of the whole revolution part has been pushed to the periphery.The ending, well it ends so abruptly, without any proper flow or planning, that you are left with a frustrated feeling.

Lastly I would like to touch upon the grammar part, more because he was the one to criticize when New York Times pointed out about the degrading quality of English in Indian novels. His Tweet to NYT after their criticism – “..And I try to catch authentic dialogue that matches the character. Even if that isn’t correct queen’s English…”

All said and done, Mr Bhagat let me show you just one dialogue from the book. It’s on page 87 and by the character Aarti.

“Aarti – Of course. See, Raghav has ditched me for Chak de India all week.”

If reading the above sentence you thought Raghav ditched her to watch the film himself, well you are wrong. Infact he didn’t go to the movie with her and that’s the point she wanted to make.

And there are way too many other such errors in the story!!!

Dear Chetan, English Language has grammar for a purpose. Please do follow at-least the basic rules.

Overall the book neither meets the expectations over the issue of corruption nor does it reflects Chetan’s earlier books’ cracking humour and grip on the story-line. I was expecting the humor part which makes it worth time-pass reading irrespective of all his grammar. This latest venture has led me to believe that it’s not always worthwhile/safe to go by the reputation.





6 thoughts on ““Revolution 2020” – Sorry Chetan, but it a Disastrous Revolution.

  1. Time Chetan stops writing rubbish. Let him take time, but for gods sake do some research & then come up with a novel. And best would be if he gets a proper proof reader for his scripts. I wonder at times, he is supposed to be an IIM graduate, yet such lousy english!!!!


  2. He was the sole writer to retort back to that news article of NY times. No wonder…!

    We do have many unsung writers who are far better than likes of Chetan. Unfortunately they don’t get the popularity and international audience ends up reading these and passing comments on Indian english quality.

    2 States is the only book of his which I liked reading. More because of a fast gripping storyline. Kept the grammar part on side line and I really enjoyed. But this particular book is a disaster!!


  3. He seem to never get himself out of IIT/IIM fever! High time he takes a break and prepare properly before coming up with his next book.


  4. In this book, everything seems artificial and like a movie, that too a trash b-grade movie.
    This is all because I believe he is now writing for the sake of writinga and to ensure that people dont forget him.May be he doesnt enjoy his writing himself and hence his creativity suffering

    Chetan,please take your own time before coming up with the next. Even if it takes a year more, I am sure it will come out well.No problem if you dont churn one novel every two years.


  5. Chetan’s books were embraced by people as it gave a fresh feel with its natural, your and mine story kind of thing.But seems he these days he has given up that premise and is trying to write scripts for Bollywood.

    I feel sorry for those young kids and teenagers who read chetan bhagat crappy books and feel that they are into ’’reading books’’.. they dont even try reading anything really good.


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